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Colin Powel Endorses Obama

Friday, October 26, 2012

In what may be a sign of what is to come, a prominent, 4-star U.S. Army general who also was a Secretary of State who served under the 43rd President of the United States - George W. Bush, now endorses Barack Obama for President. This is not the first time that the man, Colin Powell endorsed Obama. He voted for him during the election in 2008. So what does this all mean? To the Republicans, it is an opportunity to tell the world that Colin Powell jumped ship, and many of them are asking why he is even a Republican. So being that he has endorsed Obama before, you shouldn't be too surprised  but what you should be interested in is why he continues to support President Obama. Outright, Colin Powell states that he is a moderate Republican, but when he was asked whether he would jump sides during the interview with "CBS This Morning", Colin says that he will always be a Republican.
Powell seems to really dislike the stance of the Republicans regarding climate change, education, and immigration. He also believes that the President has a better approach and more capable of achieving his goal when it comes to fiscal balance. With that said, he also has some of his own beliefs, which seem to lean towards the left, for example he is a defender of racial preferences in college admissions and abortion rights. These ideas used to be supported by the past right wing Republican base, but lately, the base has turned very radical and leans extremely to the right.
You must wonder if most Republicans would think like Colin Powell, whether the country would be so divided as it is now. The present Congress has set history on being the one group of law creators that refuse to pass bills just because of political factions. They do not seem to be concerned about their constituents, the American people who have to live by their laws.
You must also wonder what these same Republican senators will do if the President is re-elected, and especially if the Democrats regain the majority in the house.  Will they continue to buck the President and not pass laws. It will be increasingly difficult for them to do so if they have to put up with President Obama for the next 4 years. As for the President, if he is re-elected, he will never have to worry about getting re-elected, and he will be very bold with Congress. I expect to see many veto's from this President if the present Congress fails to perform and pass legislation that is good for the people.
Less than 10 days to go, and the outcome of do-nothing Congress will become known. In 2016 if Obama is re-elected, many of the Congressional leaders who continue not to perform and do good in Congress will get replaced, and if the House is not re-gained by the Democrats this year, then in 2 years I would expect that the Democrats will clean house in 2016.
Will all this said, the Republican broadcast community support their candidate with passion. They appear so blind as to the seriousness of the problems the Republicans created. They continue to mock and put down the President, unfortunately with a great deal of disrespect for the President. Talk show hosts like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity continue to bend the truth, and broadcast a series of lies about the President and his policies will continue to try to persuade voters not to vote for Obama because of their selfish political reasons.
Just 10 days to go, and hopefully the majority of this negativity can be put to bed, and the Republicans can then focus for 2016 and 2018. Will Romney run again if not elected this time? I don't believe any candidate ever has, but that is not to say that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016. That would highly be unlikely, but if she doesn't run, who will become the next President in 2016. It is a fact that President Obama will not be the President in 2016.


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