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Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Election

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just a few days now before the election and you would have thought that the two Presidential Candidates would be going full force in their campaigns as they come to a close. Actually, just the opposite has happened.
Because of hurricane Sandy and the effect that it had as it swept up the east coast of the United States a few days ago, the face of the election has changed, just because of recent events the storm. The undecided vote, and even people who have watched all three debates amongst the candidates and have made decisions about their support for either candidate are taking another hard look on how a President should act in such times of a crisis.
No-one on either side of the isle, Democrat or Republican could have predicted what was to come. Events that transpired just prior to the 2012 election pretty much grounded the Presidential campaigns.
Even before this, a long awaited endorsement by Republican Colon Powell for President Obama was one of the most anticipated revelations waiting by both political parties, and shocked both the Democrats and Republicans as he chose to side with President Obama, just the second time in 2 consecutive elections, as he now supports the President for re-election.
Another political foe and main criticizer of President Obama and a major speaker at the Republican convention this year was the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. In politics, the Governor was extremely critical and negative when it came to President Obama. But then comes the storm. During the course of the storm, President Obama held his hand out to the Governor and then met several times in an attempt to figure out what needs to be done to get the state back together after the crisis. The President unlike his predecessor George W. Bush, actually landed his plane in the weather stricken zones. At a time such as this, political figures really need to put politics on the back burner, and the Governor has. He is in agreement with the help and assistance that President Obama is providing, and the Governor has praised President Obama publicly in a few speeches and news gatherings within the last few days. If you are a Republican and support Mitt Romney, this would not fair too good with you. But the Governor and the President did what is needed in the course of a disaster, they came together, put away their political differences, and are now working together to help the state of New Jersey get back on its feet.
Another such political figure, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg now supports President Obama. Why would this be so important? Because he is the one political figure, who used to be both a Republican and a Democrat, now as a registered Independent, now supports President Obama. So you might ask why this is so different, after all, Colon Powell now supports Obama. It is because the Mayor has publicly stated that he would not support any political candidate for President this election year, but then he turns around and then endorses President Obama.
Do you think that the Presidents actions during the storm may have changed his mind. Without a doubt it has. The President has demonstrated in times like these what is really important, even if now there are just a few days left before the election. He has shown that he can cross the isle, and work first hand with Republicans regardless of what they have said about him, regardless of their political affiliation.
The President is confident that he will win, even though the polls show that it is such a close tight race. But the actions of Mitt Romney at what he does not want to call a campaign event, but an event to bring people together in difficult times because of the storm, has elected to try and make people think that he is so genuine when it comes to trying to support the victims of the storm. What people may not know, is that at that event which happened a few days ago, Mitt Romney says that he urged people to come to the event with items like canned foods and non-perishable goods. What people may  also not know is that his campaign crew were given funds to purchase items like canned goods and bring them to the event, then handing them out to the crowd so that they can bring them in a line in a photo shoot with Mitt Romney. How mis-in-genuine is that? The fact that he would do such a thing is one thing, but is he really in touch with what the victims need at this time. He was acquiring the food items for the Red Cross, but the Red Cross specifically says not to donate items like food to the Red Cross. They want to make the decisions on what is purchased for the victims. How does Mitt Romney know what anyone really needs or likes anyway? The Red Cross wants monetary donations so that they can provide what people need at a given instant in time. Food sitting in one location like this is what many would call a logistics problem. Now that the food is there, whose going to handle it, move it, store it and distribute it to the people who need it. Mitt Romney wanted to portray himself as working for the people of the storm, and you even see him handling bags of food and supplies putting them on a truck.
To me, the actions of Mitt Romney are just totally just unbelievable. He is trying to portray himself as helping the needy and the poor. His time and efforts would be better served if he would give some of his millions to the people who need it. I'm not saying that this is the answer, but if the Mittster ever wanted to prove to the people of this country that he is a genuine person who desires to help people, then he should not have done what he as done at an event he doesn't call a campaign event, even though you see monitors behind him showing campaign ads. At a Friday morning rally in Hilliard, Ohio, Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland exhorted the audience to vote for President Barack Obama because the GOP hopeful Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan have "to fake compassion".

Here is the Video from the campaign event in Strickland, Ohio....


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