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Will the Election be Over After Tonight? Maybe NOT!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The end is near. After tonight, Americans accross the country can rest as say that the Presidential campain will finally, finally be done.

Guess What !!!!!!?!?!?!???

Maybe not. For example if President Obama wins Ohio by at least 2% of the vote or more, then it will be a cut and dry result in the favor of the President. But if he wins by under 2%, then the vote counting may take as long as November 17th. How do I know that?

There are approximately 200,000 to 300,000 provisional and absentee votes that will not get counted until that day. But the number of those votes are known, and if the winning candidate wins the state by more than the 300,000 votes that are provisional and absentee, then the country will not have to wait for those results. If the separation between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are within that 200,000 to 300,000 vote range, then the country will just have to wait until they get counted.

It has been a long, and hard campaign for both sides. Governor Romney has elected to campaign in Ohio up to the very last minute. President Obama has finished his last campaign. Both men are exhausted, but Romney, age 65, acts like he's sprinting into college as a freshman, ready to take on the world. President Obama, whethered by 4 years of being President is more subdued. He knows that this is the last time that he will ever vote for himself for President, let allone making any futher political ballot.

President Obama, age 52, has been a fighter, but still he must wait, along with Mitt Romney in anticipation as to how the election will turn out. Of course everyone is betting that Ohio will be the breaker. If Obama wins Ohio, then history says that he will win his second term as President, as no Republcan has ever won the Presidency without taking Ohio.

Regardless of who wins or who looses, the fact is that one will win and one will loose. Will it be your candidate or the opponent? If Obama wins re-election, then the Republicans will blame him on a dirty campaign and that he didn't win fairly, warping the minds of voters, lying about his opponent.
Actually, the other instance is true, whereas the governor has been caught lying in the campaign, falsifying ads that also distort the facts, blatently lying and flipflopping on the issues just so that things will work in his favor. Many republicans will tell you that if they had another choice, they would not choose Mitt Romney.

Voting is now taking place accross the country and polls will be closing shortly, and then there will be the long wait for the results. All the major news affaliates will be covering the results along with live streaming on the computer at and many people who do not have cable will use the streaming service for coverage.

It will be a big night for political news for sure, but let's just hope that we get a unanimous decision amongst the entire country as soon as tonight, and hope that there is no tomorrow as far as the presidential election is concerned.


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