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Who Will Win the Election - - Obama or Romney

Sunday, November 4, 2012

If you are wondering who's most likely to win this presidential election, I would say that President Obama will win. I am speaking from the heart, but all the polls suggest that both candidates, the President and his challenger Mitt Romney are neck and neck with each other. Will the winning candidate win by just electoral votes and lose the popular vote, or will it be an overwhelming victory in both areas? The fact is, that no matter who is actually elected here, there will be just about as many Americans will have also voted against him. The country is divided when it comes to whom they support. Regardless of which poll you favor, regardless of what they tell you, in the end, just one of these two men will be left standing. When it comes to principles and the desires for the middle class, the majority of Americans in this country, President Obama should win hands down. When it comes to the rich and to the extremely conservative principles of the other candidate Mitt Romney, the rich will not be the deciding factor in this race.
An increasingly number of white voters are no longer supporting Barack Obama, but in mostly all other categories and races, the President is winning. Approximately 20 million voters have already voted early, and it is promising that the turnout on election day may set a new record. But the turnout in actual votes may not matter, as was the case when George W. Bush was out-beat in actual poll numbers by some 500,000 + votes. He won the electoral vote with 271, just one more than needed to win the election.
This election will be won on principles alone, regardless of the record of either candidate. Yes, Bain capital may contribute to why Mitt Romney may not get elected, or the fact that he wants to appeal 'ObamaCare', or the fact that he wants to destroy 'Planned Parenthood', or the fact that he wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system. Who's to say that he can't accomplish this, repeal Obamacare if the Democrats cannot keep the Senate or cannot regain the House, especially if Mitt Romney wins.
The President has said time and time again that if he does not win, American will no longer go forward towards a recovery, and that everything he has gained in his presidency could be lost.
Will the elderly vote for Obama or Romney. Will the women support Obama or Romney. Will the blacks support Obama or Romney. You may think that you have the answers on these questions and others that may have a profound effect on this race, but in the end, the one candidate that has the most electoral votes will decide the direction of the country.
And then there is the wake of Hurricane Sandy that devastated the east coast of the United States only a week ago. Will the voters still come out and vote? If they haven't already, I expect to see a record turnout.
One thing I'm looking forward to after the elections regarding who wins, is that all of the negative ads will be now history, or will the opposite of the winning side renew a campaign to try and discredit the winner? Regardless of who wins, Congress is expected to be split between Democrats and Republicans and this will be gridlocked more than ever.
President Obama tried in the past to favor a bi-partisan Congress. It will be interesting to see if the Congress will now turn around no matter who wins and start passing bills that would be in the best interest of the citizens of this country instead of only passing laws that benefit them.


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