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Democrats Already Favored to Win in 2016

Monday, November 19, 2012

Why does it seem to always be an uphill battle for the Republicans every election, excluding the policies of each party? Before the voting even begins each election year, there are a certain number of states, namely 18 that traditionally vote Democrat. Here is the  'blue' list and  a main reason why the Democrats may win again in 2016 unless a qualified, well liked, viable candidate for the Republican nominee is found.

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington State

Besides the 18 states listed above, add the District of Columbia. So right from the start, the Democratic nominee, and in this case President Obama, had a start of 242 electoral votes before even campaigning. All that was needed is a mere 28 electoral votes. Many people who watch the elections for the first time during an election are not aware of that. What they may be aware of is that the Republicans knowing these facts tried to steal the states of Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Michigan during the election this year, but failed to do so. They did not have many options.
In the case of President Obama, he was worried loosing some of those traditional 'blue' states, because of his limited successes and failures in his first term, along with the lies spilled out by the Republican campaign about the Democratic candidates. The President was only hovering around 50% in popularity overall, but to his advantage, he was extremely popular among the middle class, mainly blacks and Hispanics along with a majority of women voters.
The choices and beliefs of the Republican party and the presidential candidate this year, Mitt Romney made it easy for President Obama to regain the White House for the second term with ease.
Now the Republican party is in need of a new leader, new policies and a new referendum to run on. The beginning of the Presidents second term begins very soon, so it really is not in the mainstream Republican's idea to wait until the next election in 2016 takes place. Yes, they will not have to contend with President Obama as he will be ineligible to run for a 3rd term. At the top of the list already in mention is the present Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden, and the present Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton. For the short term, the Republicans already know the status of each of these 2 people for the next four years. Vice President Biden will continue to be the Vice-President, no surprise  Hilary Clinton plans to retire in January, and talks are that President Obama may nominate Susan Rice, who is already being strongly opposed by Senator John McCain. In another botched attempt to put down a good person for a nomination, Senator McCain will prove how he continues to spoil possible future Republican chances for successful elections in the future. Instead of concentrating on what will be necessary to beat the next Democratic candidate in 2016, he continues to wage a war against someone who is extremely qualified for the job of Secretary of State, instead of going after President Obama. Time will only tell if John McCain fights with President Obama if Susan Rice is nominated by the President.

Who will be the next Republican nominee for President? Will it be John McCain, Sarah Palin, or how about Paul Ryan? Mitt Romney will never get a renomination from the Republicans. How about Marco Rubio, or is he even qualified to run?! How about Governor Bobby Jindal from Louisiana. Jindal overlooked possibilities of a vice-presidential candidate with John McCain in 2008 and with Mitt Romney in 2012. Who else is qualified to run? So what the republicans need to do is decide who may run against a Democrat in 2016 or soon they may be looking at the possibility of not having a good candidate for 2016. Oh yes, don't let me forget about Rick Santurum who almost beat Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination this year. Truthfully, I'm hoping that Rick Santorum is picked in 2016, because the win for the Democrats will in the bag again for the next election and possibly for the 2020 election if Santorum becomes the nominee for the Republicans in the next campaign.


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