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Understanding Your Needs and that of Others - Awareness of Society Today

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Prioritizing has always been an important factor in my work at IBM. Usually as there will be for Barack Obama as President, my job requires the ability to be able to multi-task, sometimes requiring the help of others to make sure the tasks get done on time. But the first thing you must understand is where you need to begin. In the economy today, I find it especially important and necessary that people realize that the situation is so drastic, that it is truly impossible to accomplish some of our goals alone. I need help. Most middle-class people like myself need help. This country needs help. Admitting that you are in need of help sometimes is hard to do because we are proud people. In my job, I find doing things by 'status quo' is not always the best way. Change is needed and welcome at IBM, just like 'change' will come to this country because of our President-Elect Barack Obama. He seems to know how to prioritize and is not afraid to stick his neck out stating his economic plan even before he leaves office. I look forward towards listening to his speech later today on his economic plan. Even though he is still a President-Elect, he is already hard at work, trying to prioritize the needs of the country and putting the economy at the top of the list. He knows as I know that in an important job such as the Presidency, you may kind of live in a bubble, as you are surrounded by people to help you accomplish your goals and protect you, but at the same time, you cannot look at the world with tunnel vision. You must constantly try and find ways to improve things that require improvement, and in the dawn of a new Presidency, many things need to be accomplished to benefit the people of this country. Ending the war in Iraq is one of those important things, because we need to re-unite the people of this country again by sending home the troops now in harms way serving our country in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Because of their service, these soldiers deserve the best medical care they may need now and in the future and should never worry again on medical premiums. President-Elect Obama wants to provide health care for all, as all Americans deserve this most needed benefit so that all can have a healthier and happy life. I believe that I am more fortunate than so many others as I work for IBM, have a very secure job, and the health benefits that will protect me and my family. But unfortunately, health benefits come with a price tag, a price that seems that the majority of people cannot afford. Everyone needs health care, and it must be affordable. A most unfortunate statistic that too many people have become part of in this modern day are the growing number of the unemployed, and their numbers are growing by staggering numbers every day. These people, now without jobs, cannot afford health insurance, as the premiums are just too high to handle alone. Therefore, Americans now are forced to live without the health coverages they need to protect their families. But now there is 'hope' with Barack and the new incoming administration. Together, we as a people will display to the entire world that we can get out of these ruff times and do it in a responsible fashion. The world economy will grow because of the grass roots leadership that started in Iowa just under 2 years ago when Barack commenced running for office. Working for a first-class company like IBM, I too was hit pretty hard by the economic conditions that we face today. My 401k retirement plan has been taking a beating for at least the last 18 months, and now I know that I must continue to work and not retire early, but with the 'change' at hand with Barack at the helm, I now have the confidence that my savings will grow again, and that this new President will have an everlasting impression on the peoples of the United States and the world. Less than two weeks to go, and a historic inauguration will take place, one that I wish that I could witness. Whether I could be there or not, I wouldn't miss it for the world.


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