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Defining a Presidency - Compare Reagan, Clinton and now Obama

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fighting to attain the Presidency of the United States is a difficult road to take. For almost 2 years straight, Barack Obama made his stand on why he needed to be elected by the people to be the next President. Well, as everyone knows by now, he won. But in these difficult times what will he have to do to stay President of the United States and get re-elected in the year 2012?
Talking about getting into the thick of things going head first, he is prime example of that. Just last month, Barack Obama stated that "We are going to create 2.5 million jobs." This month he raised the marker to 3 million jobs, and then in another report he claims that his plan would likely save or create 3-4 million jobs. At the same time, he is urging everyone to be patient, just like a few of his predecessors Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. But how much patience is needed and how long does he have to turn around the economy?  So many questions left unanswered, but if you ask several people, you will get different answers, but most people will say that 'sooner than later' is the proper time. One thing is for sure, what accomplishments or failures that he has regarding his economic plan will most likely help define his Presidency and will also help determine whether or not he will get re-elected in 2012.
Unemployment and inflation are huge factors with the economy, and the one President that did a great job with those issues was Republican President Ronald Reagan and his plan called 'Reaganomics'. At first, the economy did get worse during Reagan's first couple of years in office and started to pickup by the beginning of his second term. He was re-elected as unemployment dropped again to where it once was at the beginning of his first term. The big difference was that inflation dropped by nearly two-thirds, thus a good reason why Reagan was re-elected.
Issues make and break a President. Bill Clinton if witness of that. The economy was better during his first 2 years in office and unemployment went down, but voters still turned against the Democrats in 1994 and the Republicans gained power in Congress. Why did that happen if Bill Clinton was at the helm when the economy was better and unemployment was down. As it is with Obama, the economy and unemployment are not just the only issues. In Clinton's situation, there was a Clinton health-care plan that proved to be unfavorable along with tax hikes. Then at that time, there was another Clinton issue regarding gays in the military. The military at that time didn't want to know who the gay personnel were for fear of placement issues with other enlistments as they did not allow the military enlistments speak up that they were gay. If they did, they could be banned from the military. Clinton wanted to change that, as does Barack Obama. Then Clinton had to also deal with the creation of the assault weapons ban.
Barack Obama has inherited so many issues that face this country today, especially from President Bush that has failed to act on so many of these issues, which now requires a rapid response by the next President. The one thing at the top of the Bush's list that needed to be constantly addressed was nation security and still is and still should be. But heavens sake, multi-tasking is a thing that a President must do. Barack Obama looks to be tested on a variety of things very soon. Again, his Presidency should be defined almost as soon as he takes office.


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