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MidEast War between Israel and Palestine in Full Force

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The war in the Middle East now has broken out in full force between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza City. The United Nations Security Council failed to act from their emergency session last night, as the United States was the sole country to refrain from an action plan for a cease fire. The main reason can only be the full support if Israel, and the inability to be unbiased. Then again, regardless if there were a cease-fire drawn up by the United Nations Security Council, it is hard to understand whether Hamas will honor it. As dawn appeared today in Gaza, at least three more missiles were launched from the highly populated inner city of Gaza towards Israel, and it has already been stated by Israel that the attacks into Gaza will not stop until the missiles do.
So now, which side is to blame for the needless loss of life that is occurring in Gaza? Of course President Bush takes credit for the progress in Iraq. But it's hardly correct to say that Iraq shows a sign of progress, as President Bush claims - "Things are better than they were under Sadam Hussein". The United States by people who have a conscience are in total disgrace for the actions of a President who didn't have the proper grounds to start a war in another country. But now, to this date, President Bush sits back, as the world watches on CNN and other news channels of the destruction and the loss of lives now occurring in Gaza. It's hard not to believe that President Bush is partly responsible for what is happening in Gaza today, mainly his inexcusable neglect, reflections of Katrina where this administration just failed to act in time. Now if he acts, he may be criticized for acting too late. Besides, I believe that the most that could come out of this now would be a cease fire that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. Almost a thousand people, including women and children have been killed, and several thousand have been wounded.
Hamas truly represents terrorism in the Middle East. Why does President Bush stand by and let a terrorist destroy so many lives?! Regardless, the facts centering around President Bush's policies and the lack of, will become public for all to read in the history books, and future publications that will show in detail the lack of leadership President Bush actually displayed.
The wars between the Palestinians and Israeli's have been going on from time to time for over a hundred years, but America is supposed to be the 'liberator of the world', and in this case, in command is a President that has outwardly shown his lack of interaction in the Middle East in almost the last 8 years. Bush doesn't know how to stop this conflict, but he really knew how to start one in Iraq.
President Bush has spent most of his time as President walking away from negotiations and continuously supporting the unilateral moves of the one side, Israel, instead of trying to be a mediator between the two. His whole 2nd term of his Presidency was centered around the U.S. occupation in Iraq, instead of the failing economy, and issues in the Middle East.
Now, with the inauguration of President-Elect Obama right around the corner, Bush drops the pieces in Barack's lap, and now you will see continuous and serious U.S. diplomacy taking place in the Middle East with Hilary Clinton at the helm.
Not too long ago, during the Presidential Campaign, Joe Biden before his nomination as Vice-President-Elect stated that very soon after Barack becomes President, that he will be tested. That fact is coming true, as Barack Obama will have to face the middle east controversy, and represent this country in a fashion that President Bush refused to do. But the President-Elect is not just sitting on the sidelines since his election to be the next President of the United States. He has done everything possible in the short time that he has to help provide a smooth transition of power from the Bush Administration to his own administration. You can witness evidence of these facts every day, as stated in as many days on this blog. He is ready to be the commander-in-chief, and leader of the free world. I have the faith and trust in this next President to tell you that he will live up to this country's expectations.
I expect that Hilary Clinton will take her first trip as Secretary of State to the Middle East, and meet the negotiators of both the Israeli's and Palestinians. There will be so much more to report here in this blog besides the failed policies of an outgoing administration in days to come. I am looking forward in writing about the facts centered around President Obama very soon.


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