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Obama on Muslim TV Al-Arabiya.. Another Historical First by an American President

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

President Obama in a surprise interview put the Middle East controversy front and center, when he participated in his first major interview on Dubai-based satellite television known as Al-Arabiya. In his past, President Obama once lived in Muslim Indonesia, and has a special interest in trying to restore peace in the Middle East. In the interview, President Obama is outwardly trying to improve ties with the Muslim world. He spoke out and informed Muslim's that he is not their enemy, and that America has made mistakes. His stance of trying to communicate with the Muslim world is a direct reverse approach from his predecessor, George Bush.
With only a week in office, it looks as if President Obama is on a mission, not only to reverse most major policies that George Bush stood for, but at a rapid pace, as if he doesn't know what to do first. But the problem with that thinking is that he knows exactly what he is doing. During the interview, he most likely gained allot of respect from the Israeli/Arab world, and he is setting the tone for middle east peace talks with Hillary Clinton leading the way. So far, President Obama has been a very busy President, dispelling any who thought he was not the man for the job. Not only is he trying to tackle the problems of the world, he seems almost possessed.
What he has done with making this historic interview was to also try and take away the news headlines of the successful appointment of his new Treasury Secretary, Mr. Geithner. Surely there will be talk and outrage from the right wing Republicans, but it does appear that he has directed the peoples attention away from the Geithner issue, and over to the Middle East crisis. Great timing for this President.
The responsibilities of this President do not seem to be getting easier. He is about the handle the economic crisis head on as he tries to convince his Cabinet that the policies that he has presented need to be passed promptly. With his kind of thinking, and his expertise in communication, that which is most paralleled to 'Ronald Reagan' known as "the Communicator", one might think that Obama will have an easy time in getting his policies passed through Congress. Time will tell, but if he gets it done, then I see nothing but smooth sailing for this President in his first term. Making a prediction this early in his 1st term may be premature, but who can tell me with what he has accomplished so far, especially after a future passing his economic plan, that he will be so popular to pretty much insure his re-election. With the short time he has spent in the Presidency - 7 days, so much has happened and seems to about to happen, that I find myself just waiting for another major news story. President Obama is not spoiling my anticipation, as something major seems to come out of the White House every day. He was relentless in his actions to gain the Presidency, and he did. He seems relentless in trying to help restore peace in the Middle East. He and Hillary Clinton along with George Mitchell will do whatever they can do to get the Middle East peace talks on the right track. As some people have suggested, it will be interesting to see how President Obama performs when he has a real crisis on his hands, similar to 911. Hopefully he will never see that kind of day, but people will always compare his actions to his predecessor George Bush, and so far, it appears that he doesn't know how to fail. Thanks to his predecessor, he has allot of issues in front of him that he can take control of in an expedient way, such as what he has been doing with his 'executive orders'. He can immediately reverse decisions made by Bush. One thing is for sure, he is extending his hand to people that the Conservative movement would never do, but he does so with a warning to terrorists. He will help people sway away from the wrong kind of thinking, but if they sway towards the thinking of  Al-Qaeda , then he claims, "We will defeat you."


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