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Barack's Idea on Education

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How does Barack Obama stand on education? What does he want to do with education?

Barack Obama and Michelle claim that the only reason why they are where they are today is because of their education. Barack had the chance for an education and he believes that all children should have an education. According to Barack, education should start at a very early age. New teachers need to be hired, and they should have higher salaries along with the support that they will need to teach children in America. In exchange for better salaries and support, there should be a higher standard of accountability. To students who wish to have a college education, a way may be to serve your community and your country, and Barack will make sure that you can afford a college education. Investing in early childhood education and higher education is definitely the way to go. World class education is what every child deserves in America. It begins with the classroom, and schools that are built to support the ever growing needs of students. Fixing and improving the public school system is a priority.
To make a college education affordable, Barack Obama plans to offer a $4,000 tax credit for anyone who wants to go. More people need to buckle down and graduate high school and college with an intent in mind to get a graduate degree if possible. With todays competition throughout the world, children no longer have a good chance to make it in the world today with just an 8th grade education. A world class education is needed, but instead we got the 'NCLB' (No Child Left Behind), but unfortunately left the money behind and alienated teaches and principals instead of inspiring them.
Policies need to be created for jobs and opportunities in education of the future, a competitive agenda built on energy, education, innovation and infrastructure, along with fair trade and reform. Educated people have the best chance to overall success in the economy as well. Every child in America needs the same chance for a good education that we would want for our own children.
Money, at least $10 billion is needed to guarantee that every child in America gets a chance to have an education. During this process, health care costs will be reduced, along with welfare costs later on.
One way to fix 'No Child Left Behind', would be to focus on accountability. That would mean that the funds will be provided for what was promised. It will be interesting to see how Barack Obama tackles the education issues, along with fulfilling his promises to accommodate every child in America.
Obama plans to launch a Children's First Agenda called High-Quality Zero to Five Early Education. The idea here is an agenda that provides care, learning and support to families with children from birth up to five years old.
Let's hope now that Obama can put a plan for a better education in force early in his first term. He has stated that his goal would be to have something in place before his first year as President comes to an end.



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