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'Executive Orders' most likely to be Implemented by President Obama

Monday, January 5, 2009

Most people may have heard of the term 'executive orders', but not many really know what they are. Mainly they are decisons made by the President that Congress does not have to approve. A few such contraverial orders that President Bush has executed in his term of office may be overturned when Barack Obama takes office. President Bush has restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, and it is known that President-Elect Obama fully supports this research. He most likely will be willing to provide more federal tax dollars to this cause, and most likely will put his mark on this issue very soon after he becomes president. Other issues that Obama may address with such orders can be with a so-called "gag" order organizations providing international aid regarding abortion, and another concerning federal land drilling for gas and oil. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As Obama's transition team sifts through every executive order President Bush has made, and it is known to be in the hundreds, Obama plans to closely scrutinize every action President Bush has made as this country's chief executive.
As most presidents in the past have done, Barack Obama most likely will put his stamp on Washington soon after he attains office as President. Most of the time, the political process requires the Congress to act on different issues, but using executive orders gives a president power over federal agencies to quickly implement policies. Other major issues still have to go the long route and acquire the consent of the Congress.
Other issues concerning "Advocates for those suffering from a host of diseases -- including diabetes, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries -- are eagerly awaiting the Bush-era restrictions to be lifted" according to a CNN report. Abortion and family planning issues are also expected to be overturned. One reason for issuing executive orders by Obama is a direct and outward way to distance himself from the past President. Another example can be Guantanamo Bay Cuba, where Obama wants to close that facility and most likely will very soon. Regarding this issue, our newly elected President will most likely take more advise from his advisers because now he must also decide on what to do with 255 inmates that reside at that facility.
Truly, a new era will have commenced in Washington with the arrival of Obama, and it is certain that Obama will create an everlasting mark in Washington as soon as he takes office.


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