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Bush's Farewell Address - Opinions of the Editor

Thursday, January 15, 2009

After listening to his speech tonight, I can't help but report on what I consider the mindset of our current president George Bush. In his speech, he claims that "I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right." He says that he made allot of tough decisions, but tell me one President that hasn't done just that. The office of President consists of making lots of tough decisions. We surely would not think that he wasn't willing to make those decisions, but the question here is what he hasn't done, which happens to be allot. One of the things you had a chance to learn about President Bush is that when he makes a decision, he sticks to them regardless of what people think, and then will be open to tell you that he should have done things differently. To me, that doesn't seem to be the mark of an effective leader, one who is truly capable of monitoring a situation and changing his actions because of certain circumstances that present themselves. Instead of reflecting of what he should have done, he should have acted and made a wrong decision right, instead of saying that he made a wrong decision. One of the worst decisions he could make is not to act, and in so many cases, he didn't respond with the necessary action. He had 8 years to make right decisions.
He mentioned about setbacks and how he would do things differently if he had the chance. But if he doesn't tackle the issues as they happen, then all he can do is just say "There are things I would do differently if given the chance." As far as I'm concerned, he had 8 years to make allot of things he did wrong, right. He had every chance in the world to make things right. Granted, it would be hard to tell if a decision could be reversed, and that may have to be up to assistance by his advisers. This President truly lived in a 'bubble' and to his credit, didn't have all the facts and was unaware as to what may have been happening at a critical time, and with that, I put the fault directly on his Cabinet. The decisions made in this administration have been so inept and in some cases disgraceful. There is no doubt that the September 11th attacks on the twin towers altered the way he did his job, but unfortunately, he was obsessed with terrorism because of the attacks, but hasn't responded properly, especially when you talk about Afghanistan. What about other issues that have been affecting this country, like the economy, homeless, the housing situation. Intelligence has repeatedly stated that Osama Bin Laden is located in the hills of Afghanistan and now al-Qaeda is known to be mainly based there, so why are we so intent in putting the majority of American troops in Iraq, and not move a brigade or two to Afghanistan. You just know that Obama will do just that. Mark my words. But why didn't George Bush? Is it because he just didn't have the chance? Give me a break.  You would think that the goal here is to eliminate terrorism, and killing Bin-Laden would be the best thing to do.He said in the past he would do it, but he didn't make an honest effort to do it. The most powerful man in the world, a President who didn't have the know-how or the correct intelligence to be successful in finding Bin-Laden, not turns over all of these problems to our next President, Barack Obama.
After 9/11, Bush claims "As the years passed, most Americans were able to return to life much as it has been before 9/11. But I never did." Again, it appears that he has been totally out of touch with the real world. Does he think that the world would ever be the same for most Americans? Just ask the families who lost loved ones that are forever gone. Does he think that those people are not haunted every day about what happened with their loved ones? How about the soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan? Because of his decisions to enter a war that Americans should have never entered in the first place, thousands of people are now dead, because of another one of his bad decisions. How can he sleep at night?!!
He created the Department of Homeland Security shortly after the attacks, and for the most part, this newly formed branch of government has helped protect us. But for so many of us, the Department of Homeland security just made things so much harder, especially for innocent people who wanted to live in this country. When applying for immigration in the United States, I can tell you first hand just because of President Bush's Homeland security, it was much more difficult to bring my wife from the Philippines to this country. In some cases, she told me that she felt like a criminal. Of course there were background checks, fingerprinting, interview upon interview and the horrendous costs and multiple forms to be completed to come to this country to stay legally. It is no wonder why people cross the borders illegally. That's free with no hassle unless you get caught. With all the effort that President Bush has made in attempting to make it very difficult to come here to this country, he has not resolved an issues along the Mexico border. Illegals constantly cross the border. What has homeland security accomplished to stop that? Not much. But you know that President-Elect Obama will. Mark my words again.  Yes, George Bush is right when he states that there hasn't been a "significant terrorist attach since 2001." But the terrorist attack in New York happened mainly because he failed to listen to the intelligence that was aware that something was about to happen. Bush will be leaving office now with approval ratings as low or lower than any past President to leave office. Unfortunately, the way most people will look at the legacy of outgoing President will not be so great and in some cases, very bad. This blog is written with the idea in mind to present the honest facts, and if there was any good to say about President Bush, I would say it. But the negativity for Bush is overwhelming, and I hope that Americans can look upon President Bush in a different light for his sake. But I highly doubt that it would happen. Below is the CNN video of the farewell address that he gave today. The farewell address has been a tradition by every President since George Washington.In its own rite, the farewell address will not be so readily remembered, because something else happened today, a near tragedy by U.S. Air commercial jet flight 1549 that crashed in the Hudson river upon takeoff from Laguardia Airport. The crash was covered by the media in detail the entire day overlooking the Bush farewell address, and some people might remember the day of the farewell address because of the mere fact of the plane crash that also happened the same day.


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