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History to be made on the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial - Inauguration of Barack Obama

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little over two days to go, and Barack Obama will make history. He has campaigned all over the U.S. to gain the democratic nomination and eventually beat John McCain in the main election. The parties are about to begin in Washington D.C. and then reality will eventually set in. Not the reality that he is now the very first black President in American history, but the past President has dropped the problems of the country, and for that matter the world, directly in his lap. Before January 20th, 2009, people blamed Bush for the problems in this country. Now, Barack Obama inherits these problems, and they now become his. So what would possess a man to campaign hard for two years, take a drastic cut in pay when gaining the Presidency, and inheriting the problems of this country and the world.?! Maybe only Barack Obama knows, but one thing is for sure, Americans and for that matter civilians of the world expect him to solve the issues we face now. It is true that maybe Bush had allot to do with the problems we are now facing, especially the economy, but Americans expect Barack to correct the mistakes the prior Presidents have made. 
One of the measures of the successes and failures of a new President is what he accomplishes in the first 100 days. As soon as he is inaugurated, you will hear 'first 100 days' mentioned over and over again. But no President-Elect ever has been so calculated on what he is doing prior to the inauguration to guarantee a smooth transition. He is a very brilliant man, educated at Harvard and experienced as a Senator of the United States. People feel that he may still be too green because he is a new senator, but now he leaves that position in the Senate behind to take on the most important role of anyone in public office, that of the President of the United States. You may have heard from Biden in the past that 'Barack will be tested early in his first term'. But that is exactly what I hope happens, even though he will be tested every day as President. He claims that he will make mistakes from time to time, but he will do his best as President of the people.
The Economic Stimulus Plan will be the first thing he pushes through, as the economy is at the top of the list of things to tackle when he becomes President. The financial markets will return. He will re-arrange priorities in Iraq and Afghanistan. As per his statements during his campaign, he will move troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, maybe 1 to 2 brigades of soldiers, to hunt out Osama bin Laden, the number 1 terrorist leader in the world. Then he will bring our troops home. He plans to create lots of new jobs, at least 3 million of them. He will re-start stem cell research. He will help America regain its prestige throughout the world. And the end of this story is just the beginning of our future.


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