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Obama Mania running wild, as the Honeymoon is About to End

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The week is still young, but by reading just a few of the articles that have been posted here on this blog, you can tell that President-Elect Barack Obama is just itching to gain the reigns of the White House. Every day that I witness the makings of one of the greatest presidents of all time, I am excited and look forward to see what can happen day by day. Obama-mania seems to be running wild. People just have this urge to want to know what is happening around Barack Obama. This is another reason why I have created this blog. Of course, only time will tell if Barack Obama does become one of the greatest presidents of all time, but you just have to give him credit for what he has done and what he is attempting to do. Yes it is true, saying you can do something and actually doing it is a different story. Time will tell.
During the last 4 years especially, WHAT have you heard or read about on the TV or in the newspaper that would give you a sense that President George Bush has done anything close or even attempted to do what Barack Obama is trying to do for the American People? Again, I may be biased for a Democratic President, especially that of Barack Obama, but I'm really straining to think about the last time George Bush ever caught my attention regarding any of his pending policies or just about anything that would help the American people. With Bush as President, people feel betrayed and lost, wondering what is going to happen next. You wonder because you never hear anything. The lack of communication has been one of President Bush's downfalls. He was never a 'great communicator' like President Ronald Reagan, able to communicate with the American people, or you can say the world via internet as Barack Obama is doing. He never gave weekly speeches that appeared on the internet as Obama's addresses do.
Just recently, YOUTUBE has become a fairly new medium for information, created in February 2005 and has become very popular. Anyone can use it, including the President. It will be 4 years old next month. Maybe it would have been possible for President Bush to get messages out to the people by internet at the start of his second term. But he was so focused on the War in Iraq, that he just appears to have let issues that exist in this country fall by the wayside.
One of the reasons why I like presidential elections is because that seems to be the only time that an incumbent President or someone campaigning for president seems to focus on the issues here at home. Luckily, the incoming president most likely will stay focused on a very broad area of subjects, local and over-seas. He plans on allowing his new 'Secretary of State' Hillary Clinton handle overseas issues, and Barack will not just focus on the wars, other than to do what it takes to get American troops back home with families. He will stay focused on our problems here at home, and do what it takes to help the American people stay focused to get their lives back together.


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