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Tension in Egypt - Hosni Mubarek Era Coming To an End

Sunday, January 30, 2011

President Hosni Mubarek
By now, anyone that watches the news also knows that there is trouble brewing in Egypt. President Hosni Mubarek, in power for 30 years, is defying populist demands that he step down. Because of this, there has been at least 6 days of unrest in Egypt. In the mean time, there have been protests by thousands of people, with a main gathering point of a place known as 'Freedom Square'. The people of Egypt are demanding that President Hosni Mubarek step down from power. In peaceful demonstrations, the activists are not bowing down from their demands for the President to resign, but also have not obeyed a direct order from President Mubarek for a curfew. So far, the demonstrations have been fairly peaceful, although there have been at least 100 deaths being reported in the 6 day ordeal, now running into the 7th day. Mr Mubarek became the president in 1981 after Anwar El-Sadat was assassinated.
Previous Egyption President Anwar El-Sadat(assassinated)
Mohamed ElBaradei
In an attempt to control the people, President Hosni Mubarek has shutdown all internet access, and apparently this one deed may have been 'the straw that broke the camels back' sort of speaking. President Obama, although supported the present President, has not stipulated at this point whether he would like to see Hosni Mubarek to step down, but in closed sessions with the National Security Council, President Obama may be discussing possibilities for a post Hosni Mubarek era. In a few days, it may be possible that the opposition leader, Mr Mohamed ElBaradei, who earlier in the day won a political endorsement from Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood, promised protesters through a megaphone that "change is coming in the next few days."
To prevent bloodshed, most likely this may be the best possible answer right now. With President Hosni Mubarak gone, the protesters may disband and go home. But it is unknown if Mr. Mohamed ElBaradei would assume leadership before elections in the fall or not.
The situation is very critical for the United States, as America used to side with Hosni Mubarek. It is unknown how unpopular the United States may now become with Egypt, but one thing is for sure. The United States is walking a very short tightrope and may be fighting with words on what exactly to say the present Egyptian government, let alone what must be said after a new interim President is named.
Elbaradei, who has sided with the protesters, was said to be under house arrest and is now popular with the people, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for his efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation. Most likely, President Obama would like to see this man gain power in Egypt, and also to be able to keep good diplomatic relations with the country. Further reports concerning Egypt and possible succession of power will be forthcoming.


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