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Reince Prebus - The New Republican National Chairman Fired up Against Obama in Elections of 2012

Friday, January 14, 2011

RNC Chairman Reince Prebus
The actions of the new House of Representatives haven't even passed not one major bill in Congress as the Republicans now have tossed out Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee Chairman. In his place is kind of an awkward man by the name of Reince Prebus. His job is to be the new GOP Chairman who will now lead the debt-ridden party towards the 2012 Presidential elections. In a speech immediately below, he has already vowed to do his best to contribute to the downfall of Barack Obama in the 2012 elections. So here is a man, pretty well known in Wisconsin, to lead the Republicans to victory over Obama. Just when the Republicans seem to take 2 steps forward, they seem to take 10 steps back. How long will it be before Reince Priebus says something that will haunt his career as RNC chairman that may be the beginning of the end of his tenure for the Republican National Committee?  I would say that it will not take long..  Listen the the following acceptance speech by him, a little man swinging a big gavel, claiming victory on his first day as RNC to overcome Barack Obama in 2012. He claims that the party will do it, but as of yet, they still haven't stood behind one candidate, or shall I say not one candidate has come forward to say that he/she will run for President. I guess the clear favorite here may be Rush Limbaugh,and wouldn't that be a joke. If Rush would run, I would think that the Republican Party would be the laugh of the nation. The Repubicans really only have one or 2 maybe really viable candidates for President, but neither has stated his intentions to run, talking about Romney and Huckabee.  I really can't tell. But the well known Republicans that may run for President have yet to state their desires to run. In some hits of her own, Sarah Palin has made statements that doesn't eliminate her from running, but the question here is whether the Republican party would back her. I would think not. When it comes right down to the thick of it, many Repubicans would not support her in the elections. She has a name, but lacks the experience with world leaders policies, both domestic and international. Can you remember her interview during the last Presidential election with Katie Kuric? She could not represent the United States with those types of responses to difficult and serious questions.


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