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The Parker Spitzer Show - Interviews Mark McKinnon

Saturday, January 29, 2011

There is a new show on TV, but not too many people seem to think that it's going to work. Is it the time slot, or the topic, or maybe who may be the commentaries. It is known as the Parker Spitzer show, hosted by Eliot Spitzer, previously accused of a prostitution scandal, and a former New York Democratic governor and the Pulitzer Prize-winning political columnist Kathleen Parker. Running at the 8 PM ET time-slot on CNN, it consistently has low ratings and rumor has it that the two hosts have been fighting backstage. Chances are that the show will not be successful, taking the present popularity of it at this time.
Recently, one of their guests were Mark McKinnon, a Republican Strategist and founder of a group called 'No Labels', centered on strategizing on civility on politics, is promoting ways to tone down the bi-partisan politics we have today, and who was also a big supporter of President George W. Bush. He seems to take the middle ground on things, as he also is a big supporter of President Obama. But in the past, he praised George W. Bush, and called him an intelligent and caring man. In another interview, this time with Eliot Spitzer, he has kind of accused the Republicans of vowing not to take the bi-partisan way, as they take stronghold of the House. At the same time, he praises President Obama for finally coming at least half way and attempt to work with the Republicans.
To me, that statement is kind of odd. I believe from day one of the Obama Presidency, the President did try on more than one occasion to work with the Republicans. The only difference now is back then he really didn't have to work with them to get things done on his agenda, like Health Care reform and other policies which may be considered more popular with the liberal party. In the past, he encouraged bi-partisanship, and wanted everyone to work together, regardless of political sides. The Republican party couldn't work with him then, and they are vowing not to work with him now. I must give Mark McKinnon credit for at least stating his beliefs here, but his ideas most likely will fall onto deaf ears, as the Republican party is dead-set into opposing everything President Barack Obama stands for. Why? Because instead of really focusing on the issues at hand, they are now setting their sites on the 2012 elections. For the next two years, their goal will be to totally reject the President, ignore Bi-partisanship, and do whatever it takes, to get President Obama pushed from office. The Senate's first order of business after the lame-duck session of Congress, which surprisingly worked in favor of the President and opened many eyes on the conservative side of the isle, was the legislation to repeal President Obama's Health Care bill. As expected, the Senate passed a measure to repeal the law, but as expected, the Senate has rejected the bill, and will not even allow the bill to hit the floor. Waisted time!!, no bi-partisan efforts here...
I must say that I do like Mark McKinnon with his open mind, but his ideas along with his 'No Labels' group, along with the Park Spitzer show in my mind do not have a chance of succeeding. Why, because this country is just too polarized. Having an open mind for ideals of both parties may be just a dream, as the majority of people do not think the way that he does. He is a smart man, and is able to reason and seems to know what is best for the country. Unfortunately, the people lack the patience for change, and criticize the President on everything he tries to do, not taking into consideration what he actually accomplished his first two years in office. The next two years will be interesting to watch from the sidelines, as the political machine is in motion, running in downhill fashion and in a sense, cannot be stopped.. This is our American way!!!


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