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Purchasing a gun in Arizona - Shooter purchased Gun Legally

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The shooter responsible for shooting Congresswoman Gabby Giffords purchased two firearms legally, one of which was a 9mm Glock pistol with a 30 round magazine, which was used to kill 6 people and injure another 13. The guns were legally purchased  on November 30, 2010 at a Sportsman's Warehouse in Tuscon. In order for anyone to purchase a gun in Arizona, there are criteria that stores follow for someone to qualify to buy a gun. First, you must be at least 18 years of age, and if on the market for a handgun, you must be at least 21. It is manditory that you present a valid photo I.D.  which includes your name, address, date-of-birth and carries a signature. Then there is a government form 4473 that must be filled out. Even if you may not be a U.S. citizen or immigrant, visa foreign nationals will need to present proof of exception status. After you show proof that you can pay for the purchase, the dealer must call or fax the Arizona Firearms Clearance Center for a state clearance as well as a federal NICS(National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check. The check takes less than a minute, and this less than 60 second check will determine wheather you can buy the gun now, delay up to 3 days for purchase, or deny the sale all together. If you are an Arizona resident, this is all that you must do to qualify and purchase a firearm. If you live out of state, there are additional criteria to follow.
There appearently is a flaw even in this type of check to buy a weapon. Rules to sell the gun may have been followed to the tee, but there may be a chance that the seller or salesman handling the sale may not be qualified enough to really identify a person who should not buy a gun. By all accounts, it appears that this gunman is mentally disturbed, which may have been identified by qualified personell at the gunstore. The shooting is very unfortunate and 6 people lost their lives, including a sitting judge and a young girl whose life was cut short because of this killers actions. Below is a video of a woman shooting a Glock 9mm pistol with a 33 round magazine. In this video, you can see and hear what it was like when the pistol is fired.


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