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The Stimulus Plan - Different Views - Viewed by President Obama and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele

Saturday, February 7, 2009

In comparison videos, you can watch how Democrats and Republicans view the economy and the economic stimulus bill. The moderators are President Obama and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Observe the difference in opinions, as President Obama wants the government to help the people in this time of crisis, and the Republican wishes are for the people to help themselves. Actually I kind of agree with both opinions, but I seem to lean on what President Obama is trying to do with the plan, because as he puts it and it is very true, President Obama states that the Republicans ran the White House for 8 years, and help put the economy in a tailspin. I don't see much of what Michael Steeel said in his address that would help the people regain their jobs, and to help eliminate the continued spiral of job losses in the country. It is very clear that just by putting money in people's pockets is not just the answer, as everyone would like an extra buck from time to time, but that extra buck just will not keep you employed, especially if the companies can no longer stay afloat to keep people working. Nice job Michael Steele. Thanks but no thanks.... But the statements made by him elaborate on just how out of tune he must be as to what has happened to the American people over the last 8 years.

President Obama uses his weekly radio/video address to again make the case that "we can't afford to make perfect the enemy of the absolutely necessary" and that "the scale and scope of (the developing economic stimulus plan) is right."

"The time for action is now," he says.

Meanwhile, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele uses the GOP's weekly radio/video address to again make the case that Democrats are taking the wrong approach. They "have a different philosophy," he says. "Instead of leaving money in the family checkbook, they want to send it to Washington, run it through a slow and inefficient government, and hope that does some good."


Ted February 7, 2009 at 12:46 PM  

No to “stimulus” bill. Here’s why:
Since Obama’s earnest drive to convince the nation to weaken its economic strength through redistribution as well as weaken its national defense, has confirmed the very threats to our Republic’s survival that the Constitution was designed to avert, it no longer is sustainable for the United States Supreme Court and Military Joint Chiefs to refrain from exercising WHAT IS THEIR ABSOLUTE CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO DEFEND THE NATION FROM UNLAWFUL USURPATION. The questions of Obama’s Kenyan birth and his father’s Kenyan/British citizenship (admitted on his own website) have been conflated by his sustained unwillingnes to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal, and compounded by his internet posting of a discredited ‘after-the-fact’ short form ‘certificate’. In the absence of these issues being acknowledged and addressed, IT IS MANIFEST THAT OBAMA REMAINS INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT UNDER ARTICLE 2 OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Being a 14th Amendment ‘citizen’ is not sufficient. A ‘President’ MUST BE an Article 2 ‘natural born citizen’ AS DEFINED BY THE FRAMERS’ INTENT.

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