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Barack Obama backed by Donald Trump

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some people may think that President Obama doesn't know what he's talking about. There is one person who interviewed on Larry King Live last night who claims that executives should have caps on their salaries, and stated that Obama is 'absolutely right' on executive pay cap. He brought out some very excellent points. Why are banks getting billions from the government, but at the same time they will no loan money to people. That person is Donald Trump, a very very rich entrepreneur who knows what he is talking about, especially anything that involves money. He admits that he is one of the people that Obama is taxing the most as he is one of the most wealthy men in the world at this moment, but at the same time, because of the failing economy, he is able to purchase real estate at bargain basement prices. He can purchase twice as much property now than he could have before.
In the interview with Larry King, Donald Trump was very candid and straight forward. He was asked what he would do if he were a Senator, and how he would vote on specific issues. He was asked if he would vote for the stimulus bill of Barack Obama. He claims that he not only would vote on the stimulus plan with a little fine tuning, but he would also demand that the banks start loaning money to customers as they were supposed to do last year. But to this point, banks are not even loaning a dime. They seem to want to protect their interests, and are not willing to take risks. But sooner or later, money will become available to consumers. He mentioned that the bill has a few surprising items that he believes that shouldn't be part of the legislation, but he believes that congress can come to an understanding and get the bill on President Obama's desk for him to sign and put into law.
This problem all stems from what Bush left the new President, and that would be just 'a total mess' and as little as two years down the road. He truly believes that President Obama is doing what he needs to do to jump start the economy. The only growing problem right now is a desperite need to get the legislation become law very soon. President Obama stated that waiting any longer to pass the economic plan would be just 'disastrous'.


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