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Governor Bobby Jindal - Responding to President Obama after his Address to Congress

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just when Republicans could take advantage of a moment in time with a rebuttal from a Republican Governor just 5 minutes after President Obama's address to the Congress and the nation, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal responded, just to draw flak from Republicans and Democrats alike. Hopes were that Jindal would become one of the top republican front runners in the 2012 Presidential race. Jindal tried to prove that he could successfully defend republican principals, but in direct comparison to the Presidents speech, he seemed to be out of touch with what the country is going through at the moment. Even the republicans, notably David Brook, who is a conservative New York Times columnist, called Jindal's arguments "insane" and 'tone-deaf' given the dire economic challenges the country faces. "to come up in this moment in history with a stale, 'Government is the problem, you can't trust the federal government' is just a disaster for the Republican Party," Brooks said on PBS' "The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer.""It's not where the country is, it's not where the future of the country is."
Even commentators of Fox news, in particular Juan Williams, criticized on Jindal's delivery. He called it "amateurish" and sounded "singsongy" "very simplistic and almost childish."
It was clear that Jindal could not compete with Obama in his oration after the speech by Obama, especially when most Americans and economists today believe what President Obama has done is right for the country. Critics of the stimulus bill, some republicans and democrats alike are mainly against it because they feel they don't know what is in it, even with President Obama's 'accountability' clause to account for everything that the government under his leadership does. The claim was that 1100 pages of a bill presented to Congress was just to big for the Congressmen to soak in, in less than 24 hours. Nevertheless, with just 2 republican senators voting for the measure, the bill passed.
Instead of trying to inform people that the country needs less government when the economy has tanked, Jindal sticks by core republican principles that what is needed is less government spending, not taking in account what has happened to this country under President Bush who did just that. Bush was more interested in pushing off terrorism instead of helping this country right on American soil, and Bush did nothing to help the economy, or prevent its demise.
  Jindal, who is taking very serious criticism, decided to take a break after his speech, and go to Disney World with his family, most likely with hopes to forget his speech, and also hoping that the country will stop focusing on what he said.
Unfortunately, along with his speech, he openly admits that he will turn down a portion of the money from President Barack Obama's stimulus plan, just because the money would be temporary.
In a ridicules response from Rush Limbaugh, he says "The people on our side are making a real mistake if they go after Bobby Jindal. We cannot shun politicians who speak for our beliefs just because we don't like the way he says it."
Not only did Rush Limbaugh contribute to the Republican demise with that statement, he openly stated in a way that Jindal is not capable of communicating.
I guess now the only person who is left to run for the Republicans in 2012 now is Mr. Rush Limbaugh himself.

Listen to comments below in a video news report by Keith Olberman on a show called "Countdown". Make up your own mind about the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal.


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