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Rush Limbaugh & Michael Steele - Two flops for the Republican Party - Who is next?!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As you may have witnessed from time to time reading my blog articles, I particularly get fired up when I hear conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh go out on a limb and make wild statements, like "I hope Obama fails". Now whether or not he was meaning something else, most people who listen to his brash statements everyday, take him for his word, and when he stated "I hope Obama fails", then that is EXACTLY what his listeners are making him out to mean, regardless if it is not in the correct context.
The ridiculousness continues as you really don't know who is acting more idiotic, Rush Limbaugh or Michael Steele. Mr. Steele is supposed to be the newly elected chairman of the Republican party, but his statements setting side by side of Rush Limbaugh's statements about Obama makes you wonder who is more foolish.
Just like the Louisiana Governor who made an idiot of himself on national TV right after the speech that President Obama gave to the joint sessions of Congress, Michael Steel has been saying things that the conservative party doesn't like.
Three fourths of the voters in this country do not have a positive impression of the Republican party, with only 7 percent positive. In retrospect, the Democratic party is about 49% positive. You would think that the leaders of the conservative movement would change directions or at least do something to put some cohesion to the party. They appear only to listen to themselves when at least 60 percent of the country is in tune to the job President Obama is doing. What is not relevant anymore are the Republicans. The conservative theories are still present, but the movement doesn't have a real party to represent it any longer.
The problem with the Republicans for at least the last 8 years run under George Bush is that the government was pretty stagnant with policies here at home while at the same time, waged wars and spent tons of money in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now Barack Obama is now being counted on the clean up the mess. He is doing it his way. He doesn't like to walk doing anything. His pace to act is deliberate. He's a sprinter at heart, and he has been passing and addressing several bills and issues in a very rapid pace, because as he sees it, there is no time to waste, especially when  American workers are effected.

Now here are a few of my thoughts on Rush Limbaugh. As also stated by Ed Rollins, maybe Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele should have switched jobs. Maybe Rush should have been the chairman of the Republican party instead of Steele. But then again, I highly doubt if Steele could live up to the reputation of a Rush Limbaugh, and act with such an ego as Rush does on his radio show. I believe that Michael Steele has surrounded himself with so much controversy and has created self damage to his image, especially as seen by the Republican/Conservative party, that I believe that Michael Steele's position as chairman is limited. I believe that someone else will replace him soon, and try to gain the infamous spot as leader of the party. Right now, in this moment of tme, the Republican party has no definitive leader. Their fate is sealed. Unless President Obama does something very rash, and against the grain of this country, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will gain re-election. Only time will tell.


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