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Mexican Border Issue - How to stop illegals and drug cartels from entering the U.S.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anyone who would question the resolve of our current President now, after being so highly criticized prior to his election of not being capable of being the president, must really be out of touch with the world. Barack Obama has been tackling issues all across the globe, on a vast number of fronts, including addressing the Mexican border. As all should know by now, the border between the United States and Mexico has been a very hot topic with so many who keep track of that kind of stuff. Again, no one knows it more than the commander and chief, President Barack Obama understands the risks of cross-border violence and recognizes that it deserves his top attention. So you can be sure that President Obama is addressing the issue, but yesterday in an interview said that now isn't the time to send troops. One statement made by the President was that he "was not interested in militarizing the border," Obama said. Maybe national guard deployments may be the thing, but at least he acknowledges that patrols are needed. He is especially interested in keeping the drug gangs from crossing the border into the United States and killing U.S. citizens.
The Mexican government claims to have declared war on the drug cartels almost two years ago. But even with the help President Bush provided Mexican President Felipe Calderon with equipment and training to help Mexico rid the border of traffickers and to eliminate the corruption, the problems are still very real at the borders. So President Obama may take different steps now to control the borders.
In a report last week by Heraldo Rivera who reported from the Mexican border, showed how the drug trafficers were introducing drugs into the U.S. and in some cases entirely unscathed by the border patrols. To him, it was a major concern, along with all of the thousands of deaths happening each year south of the Rio Grande river.
Training and equipment continue to flow from the U.S. to Mexico with the idea to help the Mexican government tackle a crises that is in their laps. Of course, this is just one of the many major issues that are need top priority concern and action.
One of President Obama's tasks is to clean up the world of problems and corruption, and hopefully he will get a little more help from other countries that would like to contribute towards world peace, just like Obama wants to. Starting with the drugs and illegals from Mexico would be a wonderful start.


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