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Omnibus Spending Package $410 billion going to Obama's desk for Signature

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Omnibus spending bill to fund the U.S. government to keep it operating until the end of the year has been passed by the Senate on Tuesday. Totaling around $410 billion, it contains at least 8,000 congressional "earmarks," which total to about $8 billion. Eight billion in taxpayer dollars. What happened to end wasteful spending. You may think that just to get the bill passed, President Obama has fallen into the same trap as the previous Presidents. But there is a catch. The reason why President Obama will sign the bill is because it is a bill that was introduced before he took office in January of this year. So he blames the previous administration for the earmarks, although he can't blame the previous President for implementing the earmarks. He has to take complete responsibility here, as he is about to sign this bill under his watch, not the watch of President Bush.
It appears that the Congress has taken full advantage of a President, knowing that the next time a bill is set on his desk, he plans not to sign it if it contains ANY earmarks. Of course, we will never know until a Senator tries to pull the wool over Obama's eyes and tries to sneak an earmark in another bill that he has to sign.
There are so many lobbying groups and Senators that want Federal funds to implement their projects, that a president, including this one has so many obstacles to go by before a bill is actually signed. That takes time, and in most cases as been in the recent past, the President doesn't have much time to get the bill signed. In the economic situation, every day he would leave the 'economic stimulus package' unsigned on his desk, could cost the country to loose more jobs, and the chance of other companies going bankrupt would be even greater. So President Obama was forces to take action on the Stimulus plan, before everyone in the Congress was satisfied with the bill. Unfortunately, the bill was presented to the President not in Bipartisan fashion. The people that supported the bill were all democrats, and the bill was easily passed with the help of just 2 republicans. Ok. Now that the $410 billion dollar bill will be signed, what is next? Somehow deficit spending must at least slow down and eventually stop, or the deficit will continue to grow.


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