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No Offense, Dubya- Obama's Already A Better President

Thursday, March 5, 2009

 On Forum Board "EVERYTHING OBAMA" on the EYES of OBAMA Blog, a writer known as jwilkes submitted the article below. The article reflect the views of the James, editor of  'Obama in the White House' blog.
jwilkes, your article below sums it up pretty nicely.

President Barack Obama at the White House with George W. Bush
Presidents Bush and Obama share a chat at the White House.
One of my favorite headlines gracing morning papers, weekly news magazines, and blogs alike begins pretty much the same way every time: “Obama Takes Swipe at Bush.” “In Firm Repudiation of Bush…” “White House Takes Shot at Bush.”
Everywhere you look, President Barack Obama is renouncing some Bush administration policy, boldly affronting the 43rd President of the United States and his band of merry men. The president just released a responsible budget? What an insult! Obama just appointed an agency head who has experience in that particular field, rather than picking someone who happened to donate a lot of money to his campaign? Bush must be fuming! He’s exercising his constitutional powers as commander in chief of the military? Them’s fighting words!
Maybe the reason everything looks like a complete repudiation of George W. Bush is because you don’t have to look very far to find a “Bush league” screw-up. If Barack Obama doing his job correctly and responsibly constitutes a slap in the face of his predecessor, ol’ Dubya is going to be black and blue in no time.
Take a look around. From the economy to foreign policy to infrastructure investment to domestic policy, George Bush espoused policies that brought us to where we are today. During the 2000 presidential election, Bush and Al Gore debated on what the best use of the $500 billion budget surplus. He ran that into the ground, and built a trillion-dollar deficit to boot. To top it off, as Bill Clinton left office, projections showed that if government continued to pay down debt at the rate it had been throughout his administration, the national debt would have been paid off- as in zeroed out completely- by 2010. Bush had different ideas, and today, our outstanding national debt stands at more than $10,000,000,000,000 (that’s $10 trillion). And Bush wasn’t even factoring the cost of the Iraq War into his budgets, choosing instead to slide it into a Defense Department supplemental spending category.  So yeah, when Obama says we're going to cut the budget deficit in four years, I can see where Bush just feels like a jerk.
Unemployment went from 3.8% (a ten year low at the time) when Bush took office to exactly double that eight years later: 7.6% in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Foreclosure rates are sky high. More Americans are without health care. The stock market has tanked.  So when Obama pledges to create millions of new jobs, I can see where Bush is blushing like an embarassed schoolboy.
On the foreign policy fron, we removed ourselves from the UN Human Rights Council, lost almost 5,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and spent close to a trillion dollars on both operations. In the meantime, Iran has moved ever closer to developing fully functional nuclear weapons, and has allied itself with Venezuela, Russia, and China. And our new reputation for torturing detainees didn’t exactly make us the popular kid on the block.  So when Obama took office and leaders from around the world indicated that they wanted to work with him toward peaceful solutions, I can see where Bush would feel a little sheepish.
Domestically, the Patriot Act represented the single largest regressive overhaul of civil rights in US history. We moved on the largest federalization of public education with No Child Left Behind (so much for “states’ rights“ Republicans), blocked stem cell research, blocked the right of gays to live their own private lives how they choose to live it, our Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was the source of national embarrassment when Hurrican Katrina left thousands dead and reduced New Orleans to a city reminiscent of a third-world country, and illegal immigration has nearly doubled.  So now we're going the other way, with Obama does things like appoint a FEMA head who has spent his career dealing with hurricanes, and promise to sign the Matthew Shephard Act that classifies violence motivated by sexual orientation as "hate crimes," I can see where Bush is starting to feel more than a little overshadowed.
So yes, pretty much everything Barack Obama does is going to be a slap in George W. Bush’s face. Because before Obama pushes any of his own agenda, he has to spend time cleaning up the mess left by the last president. And it’s a big mess.
George W. Bush did very little right. Every single move he made got us to where we are today. And as the old political question goes, “are you better off today than you were four years ago?” There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to say no. That’s why we’re headed in such a drastically different direction- and after all, it’s what the voters of the United States had in mind when they went to the polls last November.
So it’s not so much that Obama is dissing Bush with each new initiative. It’s just that when one guy does everything wrong for eight years straight, it’s hard not to make him look incompetent.


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