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John McCain and Barack Obama voted for EARMARKS in the Economic Bailout Bill in 2008

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you remember John McCain campaigning for the Presidency late last year? He mentioned time and time again that he would cut earmarks from the deficit. It appears that he said one thing and did another, like many people supporting him. On the other hand, President Obama voted for the economic bailout bill in 2008 as did several people who reluctantly did.
Here are what can be considered the top ten  'earmarks' that were stuffed into the bill at the last minute. And then the Conservatives blame the Liberals for mass government spending. Immediately below the toop ten list, take a look of the earmarks that President Bush supported.

I think both sides are pretty guilty here. Take a look at this ridicules list.

1. $2 Million for Children's Wooden Arrow Makers
2. $1.9 million for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service
3. $1 Million for New York Woodstock Museum
4. $192 Million for U.S. Territories' Rum Industries
5. $188,000 for the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine
6. $98,000 to Develop a Walking Tour of Boydton, Virginia
7. $50,000 for the National Mule and Packers Museum in Bishop, California
8. $583,000 for the Montana World Trade Center
9. $460,752 for Beer Ingredient
10. $150,000 for "Rat Island"

    Federal Earmarks Have Exploded Under Bush And GOP-Led Congress

    Bush said: “The people’s trust in their Government is undermined by congressional earmarks — special interest projects that are often snuck in at the last minute, without discussion or debate.”

    FACT — BUSH HAS ENGAGED IN HIS OWN EARMARKING: In 2007, Bush stuffed approximately 580 earmarks worth $15.6 billion into his appropriation request for military construction and veterans affairs. Bush’s earmarks included $24 million for the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program and “$8.9 million for the Points of Light foundation, a pet project started by his father, former President George H.W. Bush.” [Washington Examiner, 11/15/07]

    FACT — BUSH HAS REPEATEDLY SIGNED PORK-LADEN BILLS INTO LAW: According to the Congressional Research Service, there were 997 earmarks in the Fiscal 2000 defense appropriation bill. By the Fiscal 2005 law that Bush signed into law, there were 2506 earmarks, “more than two and half times the number contained the Fiscal 2000 bill.” In the bill funding the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, the number of earmarks grew from 291 in 2000 to 3,014 in 2005. [Lilly, 1/28/08]

    FACT — EARMARKS EXPLODED UNDER THE GOP-CONTROLLED CONGRESS: When Republicans took over Congress in 1994, there were 4,000 earmarks on appropriations bills. At the end of the 109th Congress in 2005, there were 15,000. [Washington Post, 1/25/06; The Gavel, 1/28/08]

    FACT — ... 110TH CONGRESS HAS CUT EARMARKS IN HALF: “As promised when they took control of Congress,” in 2007, “House Democratic leaders cut in half from last year the value of earmarks in the bill, as they did in the other 11 agency spending measures.” [New York Times, 11/4/07]


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