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Conservative thinking with Ignorance - Failure will doom the Democratic party

Monday, March 9, 2009

With all this talk of Conservatives hoping that "Obama fails" kind of mentality, you can't help but ask yourself why members from the other party, or those from the conservative movement would say such crazy things. It is the opinion of this editor that long before the end of the 2nd term of George Bush, the Republican party already had their minds made up that they were not going to win in 2008. With the arrival of Barack Obama pulling for John Kerry way back in 2004 at the DNC, the Republicans were already so disorganized and left their parties choice up for grabs in 2006, and whoever that person came to be, would become the scapegoat of the party. Of course, that person became John McCain, as the conservative movement knew right from the start, that the maverick in their party didn't have a chance. They also knew that they gave President Bush far too much leeway in doing too much of nothing to help the American people, and the Congress was directly responsible for it. The Conservatives also knew what Barack Obama was all about, and knew if elected, he would be considered one of the most left wing liberal presidents of all time. They expected with the economy in such bad shape that Barack Obama would be the perfect target for their motives and actions after the election. With no surprise, Barack Obama is the President that everyone thought he would be, which gives the Republicans a large target to throw out their agenda against him. It gives the Conservative movement the grounds to air their beliefs once again and blame someone else, instead of themselves for allowing things to happen the way they did during the last 8 years. What they fail to realize is that all they can do is throw out negative thoughts about the President and confuse the public of what he is doing with the economy.

The one thing the conservatives have done is to pretty much assure this country that Barack Obama would be re-elected in 2012. You might ask why I say that Barack Obama has already won his bid for re-election, with just 48 days into his first term. First, because of the ignorance of the Republican party, not only to recognize what they are all about, which is ample proof with the rise of a talk show host Rush Limbaugh as the Conservative leader, to their hopes of failures of banks and to our President and beyond. When did the decline of the economy take place? During the Presidency of George Bush. When did the Federal Budget get out of hand? During the term of George Bush. Maybe most Americans do not realize that there was no national deficit when Clinton was President. As soon as President Bush took office, it dropped in the red and never came back since.
So now the Republicans and the Conservative movement are doing what they know best. That would be to go on the offensive and attack Barack Obama. With the leadership of the talk show host constantly smearing our President along with his cohorts on talk radio, the conservative movement appears to be in shambles, and without power, all they have to do is to sit back and talk negative. Guys like Senators Richard Shelby and John McCain will continue to smear the actions of the Democratic President, again only to fail to realize that so far, he's had a very busy and successful bid as President during his first 100 days, and when the economy finally turns around and people start going back to work, people will then admit that Barack Obama has become one of the most successful Presidents of all time. So then, how can President Obama loose his bid for re-election. He can't.
Maybe there are just a few people that read my articles here, but in time, more people will get to know this website, and it's all in a matter of time. People will come to realize that what I'm saying here is from the hearts of most Americans and the citizens of the world, not just from the Democratic Party.


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