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CPAC Conference - Keynote Speaker - Rush Limbaugh.. What else happened there?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Conservative Political Action Conference, which kicked off yesterday in Washington, D.C. had a few familiar faces. Noteables were Joe the Plumber, and Rush Limbaugh...Really  ! ! ! And there is more.....  The youngest polical conservative 13 years of age in a video clip below had a 2-minute showing at the podium, named Jonathan Krohn, who happens to be the author of "Define Conservatism" and political prodigy voted "Atlanta's Most Talented Child" in 2006, was the talk of the Conservative Political Action Conference for a brief portion of the afternoon session.

Meanwhile, a staw poll was taken after the CPAC conference in an attempt to determine which Republican  today would best represent the Republican/Conservative base were as follows:

Mitt Romney - 20%
Bobby Jindal - 14%
Ron Paul - 13%
Sarah Palin - 13%
Newt Gingrich - 25%
Mark Sanford - 4%
Rudy Giuliani - 3%
Tim Pawlenty - 2%
Charlie Crist - 1%
Undecided - 9%

On the other hand, Democrats led by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel called the brash talk show host the "voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party" on Sunday. Of course he was referring to Rush Limbaugh. Emanuel appeared on CBS's Face the Nation. He gave him credit for being upfront again in previously stating his desire to see the president fail. He went through his philosopy as to why Limbaugh is now the leading contempory figure and new leader of the GOP.
In the transcript below on 'Face the Nation' , Rahm believes that Rush Limbaugh speaks for the Republican party, but if you were to ask Rush, he would tell you that he is not a Republican, but a conservative. Rush's ego claims  himself in being 'the greatest talk show host ever to appear on AM Radio'.

Immediately below is a cut from Rahm's interview on 'Face the Nation'....

SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you this question...
EMANUEL: But our goal, our goal, Bob, is to continue to reach out. And it’s our desire that the Republicans would work with us and try to be constructive, rather than adopt the philosophy of somebody like Rush Limbaugh, who is praying for failure.

SCHIEFFER: Rush Limbaugh. We’ve talked about Newt Gingrich a lot this morning and now you bring up Rush Limbaugh. Who do you think now speaks for the Republican Party?

EMANUEL: You just named them. It was Rush Limbaugh. I mean, he has laid out his vision, in my view, and he said it clearly, and I compliment him for that. He’s been very upfront and I compliment him for that. He’s not hiding.

He’s asked for President Obama and called for President Obama to fail. That’s his view. And that’s what he has enunciated. And whenever a Republican criticize him, they have to run back and apologize to him, and say they were misunderstood.

He is the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party. And he has been upfront about what he views, and hasn’t stepped back from that, which is he hopes for failure. He said it. And I compliment him for his honesty, but that’s their philosophy that is enunciated by Rush Limbaugh. And I think that’s the wrong philosophy for America, because what Americans want us to do and what President Obama has been very clear about is work together, setting our goals. We may take different roads to get to that goal, but be clear on what we have to do to build this country, by investing in our people, changing the health care system, having an energy independence policy that clearly weans America off its dependence on foreign oil...

SCHIEFFER: Do you really think he is that important, that other Republicans are paying that much attention to him?

EMANUEL: Well, he was given the keynote, basically, at the Conservative Caucus to speak. When a Republican did attack him, he was -- clearly had to turn around and come back and basically said that he’s apologizing and was wrong. And I do think he’s an intellectual force, which is why the Republicans pay such attention to him.

In the video below, Rush Limbaugh gives the keynote speech and reasons why he wants President Obama to fail. He starts his speeh in the video below. Watch his ego and arrogance shine. He jokingly considers himself as "GOD" while he explains to the audience what conservatism is.

He spoke on the defensive in the video clip below." In his first National Address to the Nation," Rush claims that he wants everyone to succeed. He wants big government and anyone associated with it to fail. He wanted everyone to know that he doesn't have to use a teleprompter. He claims that the conservatives are not the minority party, but are waiting for conservative leadership.
He claimed that Barack Obama is the most gifted, talented President of any previous President, but he claims that he is not using them correctly, by not motivating people to be the best they can be.  He claims that Obama can inspire excellence in people, but he(Obama) demoralizes them.   He brought up 'Acorn', and claims that Obama is so busy creating anger in the atmosphere of crisis with the economy.

He claimed that Obama is so busy creating anger. He says Obama forgotten whose money he is spending.  He claims that he is spending wealth that is yet to be created. He claims that Obama is actively trying to grow the welfare status of the country. He believes that Obama never had any intenion to pay back spending dollars with the economic stimulus. He claims that Bill Clinton was responsible in creating the sub prime mortgage crisis. Watch him articulate these facts in the video below...

In the video below, Rush Limbaugh gives the keynote speech and reasons why he wants President Obama to fail. In his 1 1/2 speech that was supposed to be 20 minutes,  and watch the K Street Columnist of the Washingon Examiner critique Rush Limbaugh.

In retrospect, I didn't get to watch the event on Live TV, but watching the reruns proves to be very entertaining, especially now on the heels of the flop address given by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal just a few days earlier when Obama addressed joint sessions of Congress and the nation as approximately 40 million people watched.
The question at this point in history may be, Will Mitt Romney actually run against Barack Obama in 2012, or will Rush Limbaugh step up and actually represent the 'conservative' Republican party.  The numbers stated above at the beginning of this article are just too low to actually proclaim who might be the next Republican candidate in 2012.  Secondly, I don't believe Rush has the ability to stand up against  incumbent President Obama in a race to gain the White House. Thirdly, I don't think from what I've heard from his speech in the above clips that Rush would have any desire to pick up and run with the economic crisis so people could critique him as he does with Obama.
As mentioned in a prior article, talking about the 'fairness doctrine', may be the way and means to bring equality to radio stations like WBAP in Dallas that put on Rush's show highlighting conservatism, and the talk against Barack Obama each and every weekday. A liberal opinion may be what is needed for people to hear Obama's side of the story. Given the orator that President Obama is, I wouldn't put it past President Obama to challenge Rush Limbaugh on the issues someday, that's if he gets to leave the bubble once in a while.


Anonymous March 2, 2009 at 1:11 AM  

I believe that rush made a great speech from what I saw from the videos. Im actually looking forward to him getting more momentum as a national public figurehead for the "conservative" movement. You see........Rush has a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. Whenever you have a very passionate person who is very prideful, you tend to get people like him. I found his points to be well thought out and illustrated. I personally don't believe 75% of what he says about democrats. I do believe that HE believes 100% of it. His pride will be his undoing and therefore the be the beginning of a slump for the so-called "conservatives".Conservatives are notorious for being well-meaning. However, they easily tend to get off track and misled by their leaders. This means that they have almost blinding faith in themselves and their party. Its good to have a little cynicism about our leaders, especially ones who represent us. They turned a blind eye to Bush forcing our will on the Iraqi people because we were scared that they had WMDs. (WHICH THEY DIDN'T!!!!!) My view of conservatives may be a little off from reality, but I've had some pretty bad examples of "conservatives" come through my circle of friends and aquaintances. There are only a few that I trust. (For the sake of full disclosure, my girlfriend is one. I cant hold that against her though.) The overriding instance that I've found that I cannot succomb to would be the fact that I could not let fear rule my life in the way that "conservatives" do.

f.y.i - "conservatives" (hence the reason for the "") are not by any means conservative. I have found that the only quality that makes themselves conservative is the innate ability to be single-minded. I do not say this lightly. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. There are very few absolutes in this world. One would definately be that we are absolutely not perfect. In closing, I ask this question.....Is it possible to have fundamental differences with someone else and still love them, respect them, and give possibility that they may be right?

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