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Obama extends his hand to Iran in An Effort to Restore Diplomatic Relations with the Country

Saturday, March 21, 2009

President Obama, in a gesture of openly recognizing the Iranian government, offered "a new beginning "of engagement with Tehran in an unprecedented direct video message to the Iranian people. In stark contrast of President Bush, where the prior president received a thumbs down during a Bush speech by the Iranian President, denounced Tehran as a sponsor of global terrorism in his farewell address to the U.N.

"My administration is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us," Mr Obama said.

Iran, lately involved in nuclear activities, became George Bush's latest target of global terrorism. He believed that Iran's uranium enrichment program is a cover to build atomic weapons, a charge Iran officials deny. Is it possible it could be a conclusion derived from the same intelligence Bush had when he claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. It was never proven that Iraq had these weapons, which was the main reason for the attack on that country. You can bet that Obama also wants Iran to abandon its uranium enrichment program, but wants to be able to get on common ground to be able to talk to Iran before confronting Iran.

So how did he do it? He picked a specific day to outwardly extend his hand on a day that coincides with the festival of Nowruz, when Iranians mark the arrival of spring. This day in Iran is a happy day, as people are out shopping, and having fun in celebration. Now on this day, they will remember a message of hope extended by the new president.

He said his administration was committed "to pursuing constructive ties among the United States, Iran and the international community".

"With the coming of a new season, we're reminded of this precious humanity that we all share. And we can once again call upon this spirit as we seek the promise of a new beginning," the message said.

But Mr Obama warned: "This process will not be advanced by threats. We seek instead engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect."

"The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations. You have that right - but it comes with real responsibilities."

Mr Obama's message was distributed to news outlets in Iran with subtitles in Farsi, and posted on the White House's official website.

The message is a dramatic departure from the policies of the George W Bush's administration, which described Iran as part of the "axis of evil", the BBC's Jonathan Beale in Washington says.


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