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Vice President Dick Cheney Criticizes Present Administration - But Will Not Admit the Truth

Monday, May 11, 2009

As if criticizing anyone helps the cause, Republican ex-vice President Dick Cheney stepped up on his criticism of the present situation of Barack Obama. He truly feels that he needs to speak out now, but did nothing of the sort when he was Vice President of the United States under George Bush, one of the worst liked, least popular, and in some cases almost acting with a criminal mind as did his administration for what I consider 'war crimes' against prisoners of war. Prisoners were treated in-humanly as they were tortured, in a story that is yet to be told. Where will Vice-President Cheney be with the truth comes to the surface? He can say what he likes now, but he openly admits to support the treatment of 'water boarding' of prisoners. I wonder how he would like water poured up his nose and choking. He feels he needs to speak out as he did on CBS's "Face the Nation" yesterday.
He was asked about Rush Limbaugh with the criticism of the Bush administration about the former Secretary of State Colin Powell who Rush claims "no longer belongs to the Republican Party". Then he jokes with the commentator as he said "I didn't know he was still a Republican." Does Dick Cheney think he is helping the cause of his rash remarks of the present administration? Actually according to Ed Rollins, a CNN contributor and GOP strategist, says that the Cheney attacks are not helping the Republican image. In the first year of Barack Obama's administration, the Republican party seems to be getting weaker and weaker, and almost non-existent. With continued remarks, how can anyone running for the Presidency in the future stand a chance against Barack Obama for the next 7 plus years he will be in office. Yes, I am predicting that Barack Obama has already won his re-election with what he has accomplished during his first 100 days in office. Only time will tell, but unless the Republican party gets someone that really can represent the party with the values they portray, someone other than Rush Limbaugh who seems to be leading the way and present front-runner of a future contest that he doesn't want to be any part of. Matter in fact, I don't believe that he considers himself Republican, because at the present time, Rush doesn't believe that the Republicans reflect 'his' conservative values.
One truth that Dick Cheney did make is that the Republican party is definitely better off without Rush Limbaugh. But on the other hand he supports the prior administrations stance on mostly everything, and is becoming a vocal opponent of changing the Republican Party's ideological direction. Dick Cheney just doesn't get it. I guess that he believes that his President George Bush did such a terrific job. If he believes that he did a great job, I invite him to contact me and put a direct statement on this blog, and if he really wanted to catch my attention, he might ask the former Commander and Chief to contact me and set me straight. I would be willing to retract any wrongful statement that I make on this blog. Since the election of Barack Obama, President Bush has not even commented once about the present administration.
I'm sure that President Bush doesn't want to be compared to a man who has done more for this country in 100 days than he has in 8 years. I can be critical of Bush, just as I can and will be critical of President Obama when the time warrants me to do so. But I truly feel that President Obama is the right man for the job right now, and yes, he may not have had to deal with 911, or the terrorists like president Bush had too, but I know he is up to ANY task that rises during his watch. One other statement. Does anyone out there believe that President Bush was capable of handling the economy head on without fear as has our present President Barack Obama? So now I prove my point. Dick Cheney can criticize the present administration, but he only has to look behind himself and he would have so much more to criticize.


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