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Trade Embargo may be lifted between U.S. and Cuba

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

by: James Frank - Editor of Obama In the White House

Cuba, a forgotten land to the United States, has been almost like another world to the United States since a trade embargo was imposed on the communist island in 1962. Castro, in power for most of that time, is credited for bringing social reforms to the Island nation, but then he also has been criticized around the world for oppressing human rights and free speech.  So now 47 years later in 2009, Cuba's deputy tourism minister, Alexis Trujillo wants to welcome back it's neighbor to the north. Life in Cuba can be said as to be a life of the past, as what you will see nationwide are old classic cars, an eerie feeling of isolationism that overshadows the country. But now thanks to the Obama Administration, tensions seem to be easing between the two countries. U.S. Senators seem to know want to end the U.S. travel ban on Cuba and also want to lift the embargo. Less than 2 months ago, the senators unveiled a bill to lift the travel ban. But are there people against the ban? You can bet there are. How about Cuban-American members of Congress, who are absolutely outraged over the ease of relations. Some of these people, like Sen. Mel Martinez, Republican of Florida, wants to see the embargo stay as it is. What you would see is tourism spark up, but as far as a more democratic country, that wouldn't be happening. These Cuban Senators claim that all the island represents is a " simple brutal dictatorship".  Cuba to these Senators has not earned the respect in the last 47 years to be accepted again by America. But now again, these are Republican Senators, and they will hardly ever agree with the wishes of President Obama. But the recent bill introduced in the Congress will most likely pass, and tourism may start again soon. That is only the beginning.
President Obama recently eased some restrictions on Cuban-Americans who visit and send money to family members on the island. Travel restrictions for Americans of non-Cuban descent will remain in place. Obama was outspoken just last month at the Trinadad and Tabago summit last month, saying that he wants "a new beginning" in U.S. relations with Cuba. He claims, "Let me be clear: I am not interested in talking for the sake of talking. But I do believe that we can move U.S.-Cuban relations in a new direction," he said. "I am prepared to have my administration engage with the Cuban government on a wide range of issues -- from human rights, free speech and democratic reform to drugs, migration and economic issues."
One of the things this country cannot ignore is the ever growing relations between Cuba and China. Cuba is exporting oil to China, and relations between the two countries is very good, a disturbing fact mentioned by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But inevitabally, relations will get better, but it will be a long and difficult process. President Bush would never attempt such a move with a so called "dictatorship country", but President Obama is all about change, and he believes that the United States of America can no longer just ignore an island nation that exists less than 100 miles to the south of the United States.


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