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Steele - A Disgrace of the Republican Party

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The following is a personal statement by the editor James of the blog 'Obama in the White House'.

One person who apparently admires the new President is the one and only Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, as he can't stop criticizing President Obama. A week after he criticized President Obama  that he should not have received an honorary degree from Notre Dame, he says that the Republicans should not be afraid to criticize, and it is important if they want to regain their relevance. What relevance? How can you gain relevance by criticism?

Read the following two articles about Michael Steele, and watch how important it is for him to criticise a president who appears to have done more than the past president of his own party for the last 8 years, at least on the home front.

GOP leader says honorary degree 'inappropriate'

Steele: GOP must confront Obama's celebrity appeal

Steele claims that President Obama is acting like a celebrity. If a Republican was President instead of a Democrat, does he think the President of his party wouldn't act the same? What is wrong with being cool, as he claims Obama is? What's wrong with having qualities that America believes are 'cool' and what is wrong with being a 'celebrity'? Isn't it allot better than a previous president who didn't practice much to keep his soldiers safe?
In the past four months, President Obama has made the operations of the government noticeable by the people, and has been uncovering many ghosts in Bush's past. The secrecy of the past President is almost a crime in itself. Bush had his chances to become a celebrity, as any good President would be, practicing as the leader of the free world. President Obama is leading the way in trying to heal the economy of the world, not just of the United states. He again is trying to fix something that President Bush had a big hand in starting, and that's destroying the global economy.
Steele claims "this is not American Idol." Maybe not, but President Obama is an idol of many Americans, especially amongst the black people of this country. Don't you think that Steele would rather trade places with Obama in a heartbeat? I don't believe that he has ever said so, but why then is he so up to criticize a popular president who does have celebrity status?

Michael Steele to me is a disgrace to his party, and should step down as the Republican National Committee chairman. If the Republican party ever plans on winning the White House again, they must ONLY talk about policies, and not about a President that is popular amongst the American people, even if he has celebrity status or not.


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