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Obama's 12 Most Important Decisions in His First 100 Days

Sunday, May 31, 2009

 The following are the top 12 most important decision made by President Obama since he has taken office as the 44th President of the United States.
1. The Economic Stimulus
Obama let congressional Democrats take the lead in writing the $787 billion economic stimulus package rather than submitting his own bill—a key tactical move designed to get a fast legislative victory and overcome nearly unanimous Republican opposition,

2. The Bailouts
Amid a meltdown of the financial industry, Obama moved quickly to bail out some of the nation's biggest banks and investment houses and to rescue major automakers.
3. Healthcare Overhaul
Despite the economic crisis, Obama announced his goal of quickly overhauling the healthcare system, even if it risks overloading the political system with big-ticket priorities.
4. Withdrawal From Iraq
Even though Obama promised during the campaign to withdraw troops from Iraq in 16 months, he changed the timeline to within 19 months of his taking office.
5. Sending Troops to Afghanistan
Obama announced he would send about 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism.
6. Closing Guantánamo
Obama set the goal of eventually closing the detention facility for suspected terrorists at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which has been the site of prisoner abuse and has caused international embarrassment for the United States.
7. Cuba Policy
Fulfilling a campaign promise, Obama relaxed travel and financial restrictions on Cuban-Americans relating to Cuba.
8. Stem Cell Research
Obama reversed the Bush administration policy on federally funded stem cell research, angering some conservatives.
9. Harsh Interrogation
The new administration banned harsh interrogation techniques used under the Bush administration in questioning suspected terrorists. Some have called those techniques torture. Later, Obama released memos detailing the methods used under the Bush administration.
10. Cabinet Nominations
While building his administration, Obama botched some cabinet nominations, notably former Sen. Tom Daschle to be secretary of health and human services and informal healthcare reform "czar." Daschle's background was inadequately scrutinized, and he withdrew from consideration.
11. Clinton Aides
Despite his call for bringing "change" to Washington, Obama brought former advisers to President Bill Clinton back into the government, including former first lady and Sen. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers as chief White House economics adviser, thus choosing experience over change.
12. Somali Pirates
After Somali pirates took an American captain hostage, Obama authorized Navy SEALs to kill three pirates who were holding the American in a lifeboat off the coast of Somalia. The hostage, Richard Phillips, was rescued, and the incident demonstrated Obama's resolve.


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