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Obama vs. Bush in 2008 - Monumental Differences

Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 is finally coming to a close, but not without the rise and fall of one of the worst presidents in modern history, to a historic election which nominated a black man to become the next President of the United States, in an election where a prior first lady of the United States almost won the nomination to be the Democratic Candidate to run against one of the oldest Republican candidates of all time, who ran with a female to be his Vice-President.
When you look at President Bush, you can't help but wonder where this mans brain was for the last couple of years. Yes, it is true that the President of the United States kind of lives in a bubble, since his direct communication is mostly cutoff from the entire world. His perception of what is happening comes directly from the people around him, and honestly, I think that his staff did a very poor job in advising the President of what was actually happening around the world. I don't think that the President even had much of a chance to watch TV. Everything he sees is usually filtered by the secret service as a form of protection for him and his family. I honestly believe that he didn't have a clue about the economy situation, and most of the other disasters that happened during his term that will define his Presidency. His advisers need nothing less than jail terms, as they ill-advised the President from the war in Iraq, needed disaster relief in New Orleans, National Security that was too low that may have caused the 911 disaster in New York City, to the failing economy. He had a wonderful chance to become one of the most liked Presidents since Ronald Reagan, but instead his popularity fizzled into an all time low for an American President in modern times, mainly due to the Iraq war.
Thousands of people have been killed in a war that we didn't need to be involved with in the first place.Their families will be forever without their loved ones. Possible future children of these dead soldiers will never be born. The reputation of the United States will forever be tarnished with the actions of an administration that failed the American people. And of course the failing economy is topping off the year which is proving to be one of the worst years in history. People's life savings fizzled into almost nothing, and stocks plumited. People lost their homes because of a failing job market. Because of the so-called 'FREDDY' companies, ignorant people signed mortgages that they could never pay back, thus the historic figures of bankruptcy and foreclosures. What a grim outlook 2008 had taken us to.
So now what?! Only in America will a country come together is such difficult times and do the unthinkable in hopes to beat the crises everyone is facing. Only in America will such fierce competition for the White House would produce a black man, Barack Obama to become the next President of the United States. Just 20 days, and the inauguration will be history and we will have a black family in the White House.
No other President in the last fifty years in my opinion will be more ready to take the reigns of this country and do everything in his power to make things better than Barack Obama. He has a level headed mind, including the intelligence, patience, and virtues needed to be a successful President. No other President in modern history drew the attention to him than Barack Obama during the election process. No other President was as popular as Barack Obama before his inauguration. Only time will tell. The present in time always becomes history, and it already is very interesting what the history books will say about Barack Obama, as he has already started writing the history books with his election.
As the days tick down towards the beginning of his Presidency, you can catch glimpses of his actions on a daily basis, as President-Elect Obama announces the creation of his cabinet and other staff positions. He has been virtually busy with work, in direct contrast of the incumbent president, George Bush, who is doing nothing more than trying to help write the history books trying to convince people that he has done things right. Regardless of what he writes, in my opinion, Bush will be known as one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history. Many people will tell you that he's done more for the Iraqi people than he has done for the American People.
Yes, it is true that America was never again attacked since 911, but even the steps that were taken since then could be done much better. With the creation of Homeland Security, not everything has been put in place to secure our borders, especially along the Mexican border. What will Barack do? One thing is for sure, he will do what he can do in his power to protect the American people, starting by pulling out troops from Iraq and put them where they are needed, Afghanistan. He will not initiate such a change in our military presence without a plan of withdrawal which he will demand be kept. He will expect the Afghanistan's to take over their country, assist and run out Al-Kida, the number one group of terrorism in the world in this day and time. Then he will expect the leaders in Afghanistan to control terrorism so that he can send troops home and put an end to our over-bearing presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can see no less than 8 years of the Presidency for Barack Obama, as so many people believe that he is the ONLY answer to the worldly problems we now face. Again, another opinion of mine, that Barack Obama will accomplish more good for the American people during his first year in office than President Bush has done in 8 years.
Up front, you can say that I am biased, and I most likely am biased. You can say that I'm a liberal thinker, and that I am. You can say allot about me if you wanted too, but all I'm trying to do is bring out the truth about two Presidents that will have affected our lives and the lives of our children in a day and age where proper leadership is key to health, wealth, security and happiness..


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