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New Energy and Environment Heads named by Barack Obama

Monday, December 15, 2008

When it comes to energy, President-Elect Barack Obama has vowed in his campaign to move away from fossil fuels and lean towards renewable energy. His goal, to create a cleaner resource of fuel, energy efficiency and a clear shot in the ability to tackle the challenge of climate change. Finally, he announces his energy and environment team, including Nobel-prize-winning physicist Steven Chu as Energy secretary and former Environmental Protection Agency head Carol Browner in a new position to coordinate climate policy and energy. Lisa Jackson has been named as the director of the EPA,along with Nancy Sutley named the head of the Council on Environmental Quality.
Chu will oversee the nation's nuclear weapons and their cleanup and will supervise research into both traditional and renewable forms of energy. Unlike Bush, Obama supports our government scientists and he is sending a clear signal to the current administration that his new administration will make decisions based on the facts and that bold action will be a result of the facts.
Browner, now the acting climate and energy coordinator will direct efforts of federal agencies, which includes the Department of Energy, the Transportation Department, the Commerce Department, the EPA and Interior Department. She has been around Washington for a while, so she has a good idea what must be done to get laws successfully implemented that support Barack Obama's desires concerning energy.
Others chosen received their job because of their experience, for example Nancy Sutley was an EPA staffer during the Clinton Administration and served under Browner. It may look like more of the same with Washington Insiders involved, but according to Karen Wayland, the legislative director for the Natural Resources Defense Council " You couldn't ask for a bigger change from what we had over the past eight years."
So why the big change in policy reflecting back to George Bush? Obama states that his major reason to move away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner energy sources is a big part of his plan to start the economy. He says "We can spark the dynamism of our economy through a long-term investment in renewable energy," he said. "We can create millions of jobs, starting with a 21st- century economic recovery plan that puts Americans to work building wind farms, solar panels, and fuel-efficient cars." The upcoming stimulus package will be geared towards helping Obama achieve these goals.
It appears that Barack Obama has a clear plan concerning the future of energy and environmental issues, and should come out swinging on January 20th when he becomes the new President.


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