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Beware - Polls are Opinionated and Do Not reflect the Will of Most People

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Polls, Polls, Polls. Yet another poll in the political process, this time to show how many people believe that President-Elect Barack Obama should move troups from Iraq to Afghanistan. The poll shows that 55 percent of the people questioned in a CNN survey state that Obama should move the troups from Iraq, and increase the number in Afghanistan. Everyone seems to think that they have the reasons why. In one of the latest Washington (CNN) report, the CNN Polling Director Keating Holland states "The war in Iraq is very unpopular, while a majority support the war in Afghanistan."
In the first place, I don't know how any Americans that love their sons and daughters could afford to let them fight a war in a foreign country, thinking that they have a real good change to come home. That may be the fact, but the troops have just as good a chance not to come home. We live in this country to live in a free country, but what we do to insure that freedom is to send innocent victims, our sons and daughters to fight in a war in strange lands.
One of my reasons for writing this blog is because I believe in the President-Elect in his very rational thinking has his priority to remove the troups from Iraq all together and get our troups home. He stated right from the start about moving a few brigades of solders from Iraq to Afghanistan, but I think his main goal is to fight the terrorist movement and capture and kill Osama Bin Laden. If memory serves me correct, we began this terrorist search in Afghanistan to hunt Osama Bin Laden out of the hills because of his responsibility for the 911 attacks in New York City.
I don't think for one moment that Barack Obama wants to move troups to Afghanistan because the majority support the war in Afghanistan. Americans are tired of supporting any war. If they supported a war, then maybe John McCain would have been elected instead of Barack Obama. I don't think the President-Elect can afford to do things just because that is what people what, rather than to do what is best for this country. Therefore, I believe that CNN Polling Director Keating Holland is wrong in his reasoning.
The second problem is just the idea of a poll. After this election especially, I really became worn out with all of the polls that the media was throwing our way. Unfortunately, allot of people are ignorant in believing everything they see and hear in the media, including TV and radio. Now you read propaganda type articles on the internet and there seems to be so many articles to read. It is easy to be swayed for the wrong reasons. People are gullable. As an American with the freedom of choice, I think it is important that people in this country be aware of the news reports and actually make a calculated determination of their own, especially when it comes to polls.


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