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Republican Scott Brown wins Massachusetts Senate Seat over Democratic Challenger Martha Coakley

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, the unthinkable just happened. A fairly unknown gentleman by the name of Scott Brown has been voted in the Senate to represent the state of Massachuttes, defeating Democratic challenger Martha Coakley.
To start off, the win is an embarrassment to the Democratic party, and a disgrace squarely belonging to the people of Massachusetts. After a gentleman by the name of Edward (Ted) Kennedy represented that state for so many years, and right on the brink of a health reform bill passage, the state has decided to allow a conservative lawmaker to be at the helm representing their state. The implications to this loss by the Democratic party is far reaching and damaging to the agenda of President Obama.

If the Health Care Reform bill now does not pass,because the Democrats did not hold on to their 60-seat Senate super-majority, the people of Massachusetts are squarely to blame. How in their right liberalistic minds could they even allow such a thing to happen. Appearently there are now just too many 'middle of the road' Democrats in the State. This Republican win in the one state which Democrats knew for sure that they would win, has now been compromised and leaves ample doubt as to the abilities of future Democratic elective officials to keep their jobs.

Everything President Obama has worked so hard for, and intended to work on besides health care reform is now in jeopardy. His topics of interest for 2010, namely employment, economy, and security are now also in jeopardy of getting completed because President Obama just has not found a way to convince the people on the other side of the table, namely the Republicans, that his agenda is the correct one for the people. What he will now have to do is to actually get a Republican or two to accept his future agendas. Recently, he has not been successful, except for one lone incident involving Republican Senator Olympia J. Snow, who sided with Obama recently in the past, but she was the lone Republican that voted against her party on one issue. Presently, there are no known Republicans that would vote for any Health Care Reform plan presented by the Democratic Party, unless the bill was modified to suit their desires. Now that the Senate super-majority is a thing of the past, the President and the Democrats will have to fight tooth and nail to get any bills passed. They will try and get the Health Care Reform bill passed before the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts has his confirmation hearing, but now it is most unlikely that the Democrats can do anything on their own.

All that can be done now is to sit back and witness the damage the people of Massachusetts have caused, do to their rash judgment, to install a conservative official in their Senate seat. Again, the implications of this defeat of the Democrats in Massachusetts will be far reaching, and only time will tell the story.

Obama has been both "surprised and frustrated" by the race, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.


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