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Obama Ready to Fight to the Finish

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Many people expected to hear during the 'State of the Union' speech that President Obama would back off of some of his goals, being that some of them seem so hard too achieve. With the President slumping in the polls, he has decided to stick to his agenda. Many would think that the State of the Union address would be the perfect medium for President Obama to make some concessions regarding his upcoming policies, and sway some of the moderate voters his way. But this method most of the time does not work. The opposition party, namely the Republicans would most likely take the concessions to prove to the American people that the President is weak. Anyone who follows President Obama as I do know that he is anything but a weak President. Do you remember the campaign words "yes we can"  and "change" which incidentally are two factors that won him the presidency, but now, you can add one more slogan to his resume. How about "WE DON'T QUIT". Yes, President Obama has at least 3 more years to go in his 1st term, but whether it be only his first, or instead represent his last, he is determined to go with his plan. So yes, it will be a long hard winter, not for just the President, but for all of the Republicans who thought that President Obama could be swayed in their direction. Maybe the Republicans fail to see that the President represents one of the most non-conservative Presidents in history. Filled with the facts of the economy, the loss of jobs and the high cost of medical and insurance plans, President Obama is tackling the issues right up front, right from his first term, whether or not his political career may fail because of it. At least, he did something. In the next three years, President Obama will continue to strive to what he feels the people of the United States need and deserve.
Another battle now approaches. With the congressional elections approaching this year, mid term elections for this President may not go too well. There is a chance that he can loose his power in Congress with a few more conservative Senators elected over the Democrats on both sides of the house. Still, President Obama does not quit. So why is he sticking to his guns? Maybe the following quote from him sums it up. "Just saying no to everything may be good short-term politics, but it is not leadership."
It's only been a year, but how people forget. This country elected him by a large margin over the Republican opposition McCain and Palin. Recently he attended a Republican GOP caucus in Baltimore, and he faced his critics front and center, took questions and delivered answers. They welcomed him in open arms as the invited him to the caucus and he accepted. He spoke his peace, and then started to take more criticism from a party who lost their bid to the White house fair and square, by a man by the name of Barack Obama who deserved to become President.
His message televised on national television, also was pointed at the Democratic leadership in Congress. He said "To Democrats, I would remind you that we still have the largest majority for decades, and the people expect us to solve some problems, not run for the hills".
It appears that the ones that need to make concessions now if they plan on getting anything done at all in Congress will be the Republican and moderate leaderships. President Obama still has veto power, and hopefully he will be allowed to do good for the people, not be shot down every time he tries to do something good for the American people. If things do not get done now in this Presidency, it's not because of a President who tried. It will be because of a Republican opposition that is just too proud to do what is right for their own constituents.


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