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Job Creation in New York - A Good Signal the Economy Could Turn Around

Friday, January 29, 2010

President Obama's State of the Union Speech highlighted what he stated, the "worst of the storm has passed" regarding the economy spiraling down. It has now stopped falling, but many people are skeptical on how long it will take for the job market to start rising again. The President focused on a few points, starting with job creation, loans for small businesses and the need to revitalize education options. His speech led into these ideas, which happens to be what his total focus will be this year.President Obama also needs to focus on the mid-term elections in the fall, when Democrats stand a chance to loose several more Senate seats in Congress. But regardless of his agenda, President Obama is focusing on what he believes is crucial to the people of the United States,  and not what happens to be the most popular moves a President can take. He also realizes that lately he has taken a fairly unpopular road, which was highlighted by the Republican win in Connecticut to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy. One of the more popular topics to tackle in 2010 would be the idea of job creation, and to eliminate any further loss of jobs. The unemployment picture still is pretty grim hovering above 10% on the average nationally. In the state of New York for example, the  percentage of people out of work is way under 10 percent, but breaking that down to an actual number of people that is unemployed in New York State, the number is astronomically high. That is not acceptable to President Barack Obama, and he plans to do whatever he can to gain as many jobs in New York as possible. "As many as 581,000 jobs every month between now and then(by November 2011)" according to Barack Obama will have to be created for the job market to really turn around as he expects. Small grant funds are proposed for businesses in New York for example, which means up to $5 million for small businesses will become available.
Many people have stated that during his first year in office, he did too much. Some say that he crippled the country with the rising deficit, while others are waiting for his promises to take hold. In a state like New York, the successful creation of jobs in such a large community of people would signal to the rest of the country and to the world that President Obama is right on his decisions regarding the job market.


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