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A World the 44th President of the United States Inherited

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The following article is the 'Opinion of the Editor' James

It is still almost unimaginable that a person, truly to be called his own, steps up into politics, lives his life with the beliefs he cherishes, and then lives a dream to help others live the dreams he wants to share with everyone. Could it be possible that someone of this stature could actually exist?
In almost a fairy-tale story, President Obama is admired by so many people, and in a sense admired by his foes. They know as well as most other people that President Obama is unlike any other President that this country has ever had, besides the color of his skin.
Some of my close friends despise him. Why? They say that he's tearing the country apart. In as little as 200 days since he has been elected President and to become the most powerful man on the face of the earth, President Obama gladly excepts praise and criticism alike for the job he is trying his best to do.
What else can you expect from him. Look at what he inherited when he became President. I don't know about how you may look at this, but what I can tell you knowing what he knew before he took office about the state of the country, and the job he would have turning around a country diving deep into a recession and thanks to a President Bush who obviously cared more for promoting the wars he created for his own people, President Obama is facing every problem that needs to be tended to in a short amount of time in a frantic pace, right here at home. He still has so much to do, and the critics say that he is doing too much in a short period of time. What would you rather he do? Sit in the White House, read a myriad of books every week like our past president, and promote abusive interrogation techniques as President Bush has done since 911?
Other people ask why are we $11 trillion in debt? Other critics say that it is Obama's fault. They say that he has been in office less than 200 days and look what he has done to our children s future. Prior Presidents Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. both were very conservative presidents, and they should be credited as 'do nothing' presidents. If the 'Bush clan' would have acted in office and woke Congress up to work on a few programs that the country actually needed and spent a little money here at home, instead of creating a national debt that took a free fall because of the economy  and the wars while they were in office, then President Obama wouldn't be spending all this money to try and save the country from a continued disastrous state.
What do you think would have happened if he didn't bail out the banks? Would they had survived? I think not. What do you think would have happened if he didn't bail out the auto industry? They could no longer survive on their own. So the President lends money to the auto industry and in return, expects the automakers to do what it takes to become profitable again so that the money could be repaid.
Even with all the facts in place, with the failing banks, with the failing auto industry, with the massive layoffs of hundreds of thousands of people each month, the conservatives in this country still believe that this country could have survived on its own. How ignorant is that?
Talk about heartless. These conservatives think it is OK for thousands and thousands of people each month to loose their jobs, loose their homes, loose their savings. The motto for the Republicans is to 'let the strongest survive'. What about all of the people who need help.
You rarely hear on talk radio, the promotion of the Democratic party. What you do hear is the anti-government, radical talk show hosts like Limbaugh or Levin.
Levin especially drives me crazy when I hear his ranting every day on a local talk show station here in Dallas, Texas. Enough is enough. This blog will highlight specific shows of Levin and Limbaugh, and demonstrate to the readers of this blog how anti-US they actually are. You can listen to all the whining and lies from the duo right here on Obama in the White House blog.
The whiners that complain about Obama can only sit back and watch a President carry out policies that he truly believes in, someone who still has a minimum of 3+ years as President, and most likely will serve a second term as President of the United States, starting in 2012.
You may ask why I feel he will be already re-elected? Most likely because now there are already signs that the economy is turning around, and that unlike any other past Presidents including President Clinton, he WILL get a Heath Care Reform bill passed before the end of 2009. Even I feel a little skeptical regarding a change in health care policies as I have my reservations concerning specific issues within President Obama's health care proposal, but I sincerely believe that health care reform will happen before the end of the year, and then what. Most likely President Obama will be assured to gain a second term in office, especially if the economy keeps turning around as it is noticeably now.
How can you tell if the economy is turning around? Yes, the jobless numbers are still climbing, but there are people out there now with jobs that would have never acquired one without the economic stimulus package in place. Yes it is true that some of those jobs are just temporary, and that the monies that fund them will not be around a year from now. But what the money is for is to help people try and help themselves. In a year from now, many of these people will be able to hold jobs on their own, with the experience they have gained through these tough times. President Obama has stated that he will not feel successful with his recovery plan unless ALL people are back to work.
Why do you think that the conservative party is so up in arms against Obama's plans? They are trying to convince the radio audiences around the country that Obama is killing the country with his policies. All they are doing is spreading innuendos and lies, and make up stories. What they don't want you to know is that they want Obama to fail. Rush Limbaugh was one of the ONLY talk show hosts that said that statement publicly.
Now I'll let you in on a little secret? What if President Obama succeeds, and all the money is paid back to the government? What if the economy turns around? What if the stock markets come back? What if people start working again? What if Osama bin Laden is caught?  What if home sales start skyrocketing again? What if all the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq come home and the wars are over? What if the United States becomes friends with countries that President Bush wouldn't even talk to? What if all the prisons like Guantanamo Bay get closed, and terrorism drops dramatically with a Democratic President in Office?   There is one answer that satisfies all the questions. The answer is that the Republican party will be no more. The country will re-unite, and this time people will now work together with a common goal instead of constantly polarizing their thoughts or ideas and get nothing done.
President Obama was destined for the job. He came about in a time that the world needed him. The country believed that the time was now to have such a person to tend to the problems this country was now facing.
Regardless of what the Obama opposition says, the democratic party will continue to live on.


Morika 金玲 August 1, 2009 at 10:00 AM  

Bravo obama, keep the spirit, we love you...

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