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President G W Bush Had Intelligence Facts that Terrorists May ATTACK !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In a few weeks, the United States will again honor the dead, the U.S. victims who were killed in the twin towers and commercial jets on September 11, 2001. 

The one thing that the 43rd President of the United States wants to be known for is how he fought against terrorism. In an 'awareness poll' taken here on this blog, people have voted in conclusion that President Bush condones torture tactics, something that terrorists would perform.  President Bush actually believes that he did what it takes to protect this country. Now let's review the facts. Actually since he was President, he should be held responsible for the attacks, especially since there is so much information pointing to him for doing 'nothing'. Incidentally, President Barack Obama does not believe that President Bush should be held directly responsible, but that government should be held responsible "for the unacceptable mistakes it made in the run-up to that terrible day." says Barack Obama, then U.S. Senator from Chicago.  But I also believe that Bush should also be held responsible for doing nothing for the victims of  Hurricane Katrina in their greatest time of need.

On his watch while visiting a grade school class in 2001, this country was attacked by terrorists, as the towers of the world trade center fell to the ground, killing approximately 6000 people.

How could such a thing happen with the FBI and CIA Intelligence and U.S. forces to protect U.S. citizens?

Answer: President Bush ignored his own CIA intelligence warnings that such an attack was eminent. Can you believe that??  Yes, President Bush actually was told by the CIA and U.S. Intelligence that such an attack may happen. (proof to follow in reports below Youtube video)

What did our 43 President do after finding out these facts?   Absolutely nothing !!! Instead, on the fateful day of September 11, 2001, he elected to attend class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida. The world trade center in New York was then struck by two airplanes, killing hundreds of people on board the planes and thousands of people in the World Trade Center as it crumbled to the ground. Watch the video below to see how President Bush found out that our country was attacked....

Subject: Bush Warned Bin Laden Wanted to Hijack Planes-NY Times
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 08:19:41 -0400

From: "Robert Lederman" <>

Let's just review a few facts that have recently come out shall we? The FBI knew Bin Laden's people were studying how to fly (but not land) jumbo jets in various US flight schools. The FBI the CIA and even GW knew they planned to hijack jumbo jets. Every security service in the world knew the WTC was the world's #1 target for Islamic terrorists. Yet, they did nothing, ignored all intelligence, issued no warnings, increased no security. Bush announces, "We hit the trifecta!" after hearing of the attacks. No conspiracy, right?

NY Times
Bush Was Warned Bin Laden Wanted to Hijack Planes

WASHINGTON, May 15 - The White House said tonight that President Bush had been warned by American intelligence agencies in early August that Osama bin Laden was seeking to hijack aircraft but that the warnings did not contemplate the possibility that the hijackers would turn the planes into guided missiles for a terrorist attack.

"It is widely known that we had information that bin Laden wanted to attack the United States or United States interests abroad," Ari Fleischer, the president's press secretary, said this evening. "The president was also provided information about bin Laden wanting to engage in hijacking in the traditional pre-9/11 sense, not for the use of suicide bombing, not for the use of an airplane as a missile."

Nonetheless the revelation by the White House, made in response to a report about the intelligence warning this evening on CBS News, is bound to fuel Congressional demands for a deeper investigation into why American intelligence agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had failed to put together individual pieces of evidence that, in retrospect, now seem to suggest what was coming.

In the past few days, government officials have acknowledged for the first time that an F.B.I. agent in Phoenix had urged the F.B.I. headquarters to investigate Middle Eastern men enrolled in American flight schools. That
memorandum also cited Mr. bin Laden by name and suggested that his followers could use the schools to train for terror operations, officials who have seen the memorandum said.

Administration officials reached this evening said the warning given to Mr. Bush did not come from the F.B.I. or from the information developed by the Phoenix agent. Instead, it was provided as part of the C.I.A. briefing he is given each morning, suggesting that it was probably based on evidence gathered abroad.

The C.I.A. had been listening intently over the July 4 holiday last year, after what one investigator called "a lot of static in the system suggesting something was coming." But then the evidence disappeared as quickly as it
had arisen, and by August, officials have said, little was heard from Al Qaeda.

The warning of the hijacking was given to the president at his ranch in Crawford, Tex., where he was on vacation.

Taken together, the news of the C.I.A. warning and the information developed separately by the F.B.I. explains Mr. Bush's anger after Sept. 11 that intelligence gathered on American soil and abroad was not being centrally analyzed and that the agencies were not working well together.

Several times he has told audiences that he is working on solving that problem, and these days he is briefed jointly by the F.B.I and the C.I.A., ensuring that each hears information from the other agency.

It was not clear this evening why the White House waited eight months after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington to reveal what Mr. Bush had been told.

But Mr. Fleischer noted that in the daily flow of intelligence information the president receives, the warning of what appeared to be the threat of a conventional hijacking was not as serious as it appears in retrospect. "We
were a peacetime society, and the F.B.I. had a different mission," he said.

Mr. Fleischer said the information given to the president in Texas had prompted the administration to put law enforcement agencies on alert. But there was no public announcement.

Nonetheless, a senior administration official said tonight that there was speculation within the government that heightened security - if it truly existed in August and September - might have prompted the hijackers to use
box cutters and plastic knives to avoid detection.

The C.I.A. warning might also explain why Mr. Bush's aides were so certain that Mr. bin Laden was behind the attacks almost as soon as they happened. "We never had any real doubt," one senior official involved in the crucial decisions at the White House on Sept. 11 said several months ago.

Until recently, Mr. Bush has deflected demands for a lengthy and detailed investigation into the intelligence failures surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks. White House officials were concerned that the investigation would
feed into demands by Senator Richard C. Shelby, the Alabama Republican who is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, for the replacement of George J. Tenet as director of central intelligence.

But the news that the hijacking warning was in the president's brief, which Mr. Tenet sees and approves, and that it was linked to Mr. bin Laden is almost certain to widen the scope of the investigation.

Already, several lawmakers who have read the Phoenix memorandum written by the F.B.I. agent have described it as the most significant document to emerge in Congressional inquiries into whether the government might have been warned about possible hijackings.

Now those investigators are almost certain to demand the details of the president's August briefing by the C.I.A. and may ask to hear about how that evidence was developed.


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