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Giuliani Invokes Hitler-Rockefeller-Bush Conspiracy to Explain 9/11

Sunday, August 23, 2009

by Robert Lederman
(718) 743-3722
January 28, 2002

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Former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani may have revealed a lot more about what happened on 9/11 than he intended this past Saturday while addressing a ConfereConference of Mayors breakfast honoring the WTC ( World Trade Center ) victims.

NY Times 1/27/2002

U.S. Ignored Threat of Terror, Giuliani Says

"In the 1930's, Hitler told us what he was going to do, and we ignored it, for years and years and years. In the 1990's, the terrorists told us what they were going to do. And we ignored it. We glorified Yasir Arafat when he was training terrorists in Palestine. We allowed Saddam Hussein to build weapons of mass destruction as we removed inspectors."
End of Quote from NY Times
When a man who has been publicly compared to Hitler throughout his career invokes the Fuhrer by name we should all pay attention. Giuliani was 100% right that we knew what Hitler, Saddam Hussein and bin Laden were going to do, but he left out how we knew. How we knew is the key to understanding Giuliani, the Bush administration and what really happened on 9/11.
Hitler, Saddam and bin Laden have much in common besides being mass murderers. All worked for, were financed by and were armed at the direction of America's top corporate interests, most conspicuously among them corporations and individuals associated with the Rockefeller and Bush families and with the men who created CIA policy. Giuliani is intimately linked to these families and corporations. The Bush family were Hitler's American bankers, spending more than a decade building up the Nazi war machine until their banking and shipping assets were seized by the U.S. Congress in 1942 under the Trading With the Enemy Act.
Rockefeller's Standard Oil was half owner of IG Farben the chemical and munitions company which formed the industrial basis of the Third Reich and which built and operated 40 slave labor death camps including Auschwitz. IG Farben likewise owned half of Standard Oil.
Most of the world's current leading drug companies such as Bayer were once part of IG Farben. Today, Rockefeller's Exxon/Mobil (formerly Standard Oil) is the world's largest corporation, with his JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup - the two main banks financing Enron - close behind.
Rockefeller's Chase Bank - the main funding source for the Manhattan Institute - has admitted to helping Hitler raid the gold reserves of invaded European nations and voluntarily liquidating thousands of Jewish bank accounts and turning the money over to the Nazis. Rockefeller's intelligence representatives in what later became the CIA imported thousands of former Nazis to the U.S. after WWII, among them major war criminals who participated in the war's worst atrocities. Some of the men who helped import Nazis to the U.S. and conspired to hide this fact from the American people later became CIA directors, Secretaries of State, heads of the Securities and Exchange Commission, presidential advisors and U.S. Presidents.
Eugenics programs in the U.S. were publicly acknowledged by Hitler as the model for what eventually became the Nazi program of mandatory euthanasia, the forcible sterilization of more than 350,000 German citizens and ultimately, the Holocaust. It was the Rockefeller family and their long-time business associates - the Bush and Harriman families who were Wall Street partners in financing Hitler - whose institutions and foundations inspired both the U.S. and the Nazi eugenics laws.
These laws mandating forcible sterilization were in effect in more than 20 states in the U.S. until the Holocaust temporarily gave eugenics a bad name. Eugenics-based ideas have since come back stronger than ever under the guises of population control, the Human Genome Project, eliminating welfare and privatizing prisons, hospitals and schools - which are the preoccupations of the CIA sponsored Manhattan Institute where both Giuliani and GW Bush claim they get all of their ideas.
Contrary to their recent public statements about the sanctity of life, for the past 70 years the Bush family has been among the world's leading proponents of population control policies and abortion. GW's grandfather - the Nazi banker Prescott Bush - was a leading official of Planned Parenthood in the 1950's and lost his seat in Congress because of it. US Ambassador to the U.N. in the early 70's George Bush specialized in promoting a worldwide depopulation program sponsored by David Rockefeller.
Saddam Hussein got his chemical and biological weapons and most of his conventional weapons from the U.S. - specifically from the Bush administration and it's friends in the armaments industry. It was the first Bush administration which indicated to Saddam - after arming him - that we'd look the other way if he invaded Kuwait, thereby starting the Gulf War. It was the Reagan-Bush administration that armed, trained and financed bin Laden, deliberately building up Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan into a force to be reckoned with.
It was the Reagan/Bush CIA director William Casey who orchestrated giving bin Laden and his friends billions in weapons and special military training. That's the same William Casey who founded the Manhattan Institute (MI).
MI has since given us the GW Bush and Giuliani administrations and used them both as testing grounds for a fascistic concept of America featuring eugenics-based social programs, tax cuts for the richest corporations, widespread media censorship, a never-ending war on "terrorism" and the phoniest brand of patriotism ever seen in U.S. history.
It was Giuliani's most important patron, David Rockefeller, who created the World Trade Center with his brother, NY State Governor and Ford Administration vice President, Nelson Rockefeller. The Rockefeller families' oil policies and long entanglement with the Saudi royal family were bin Laden's stated reasons for hating the U.S.
The facts proving these statements are a matter of U.S. history and can be confirmed by anyone with a computer or a library card and an interest in doing so. Thousands of websites are dedicated to this history. There are also thousands of readily accessible mainstream media sources, records of Congressional hearings and books published by respected authors detailing this history. Many of these authors were once U.S. government officials. In the articles on my website I list hundreds of places where you can find this information.
Admittedly, you won't find any direct reference to these things on the Rockefeller families many websites or in an authorized history of Giuliani or the Bush family. They've spent decades obliterating and whitewashing their record.
As one glaring example of the reach of their censorship consider this simple fact. Since 9/11 not one mainstream U.S. newspaper has reported that the Rockefellers built the WTC yet every history of the WTC and every article from the 1970's on it's construction prominently features this fact, usually in the first paragraph.
Despite his occasional tendency to embarrassing public confession, Rudy Giuliani will never publicly admit his connections to Nazis and the far right or why he is so obsessed with Hitler. He is however, proud to remind us of his close relationship to the Rockefeller families' CIA-initiated Manhattan Institute and to the Bushes.
While leading daily celebrity tours of ground zero, doing hundreds of interviews about his greatness and accepting credit for "saving New York" from the terrorists, Giuliani has never responded to a single question about why he illegally stored 6,000 gallons of fuel in WTC #7 to supply his "bombproof" bunker. That fateful decision caused WTC #7 to collapse thereby conveniently destroying millions of CIA, FBI and Department of Justice files.
Was it a coincidence that the two worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil each destroyed millions of files of criminal evidence that were embarrassing for U.S. government officials and corporations? Is it a coincidence that the so-called "terrorists" in each bombing - Oklahoma City and the WTC - were trained by the U.S. military and/or the CIA?
These millions of files were evidence in criminal cases involving major U.S. banks, US-trained terrorists, the Mafia, U.S. officials and foreign governments who are now our "allies" in the so-called war on terrorism. Giuliani has also refused to answer any questions on why he ordered all of the steel beams from ground zero melted down and destroyed before they could be examined by investigators. Giuliani cleaned up millions of tons of WTC evidence even faster than he cleaned up the "squeegee menace", street artists or topless dancing.
One has to wonder why Giuliani would warn us about imminent terrorist attacks for years, even surrounding his offices at City Hall with concrete barriers and then locate his emergency response bunker in the building complex most expected by U.S. intelligence agencies to be attacked by terrorists. Evidence about what Giuliani himself knew about 9/11 before it happened may be one of the many reasons he recently stole millions of public records on his last active day as Mayor of NYC in order to prevent them from being accessed by the public.
It's tempting to reject all of this material without even looking into it. Like the countless indications in recent years that Enron was a fake, these disturbing truths are hard to face and doing so has serious ramifications for politics, finance, national security and the very idea of what the U.S. government is supposed to stand for.
It's not easy to accept that this nations' biggest enemies are almost without exception puppets of our own wealthiest families but like Giuliani said, we ignore the clear warning signs at our own peril. Our enemies have told us exactly what they intend to do. Isn't it time to take them at their word?

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