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Obama and the people that hate him

Monday, August 3, 2009

I read several articles lately, similar to the ones  forwarded to me regarding Obama, and what he is doing to the economy. Being the editor of the 'Obama in the White house blog', I can tell you that I hear comments from both side of the fence. I receive emails every week at '' from people who claim they love the blog and support our President, and get almost as many emails that are basically against Obama and his policies.   To be honest with you, I don't like how things are right now either. Jobs seem to be non-existent, regardless of how President Obama states that the job market will recover.

People are inpatient. Obama did say that this recovery process would not happen overnight. The people of this country elected this man president, and whether you like it or not, he will be the president for at least another 3 years until 2012. Then guess what. If the opposition party (conservatives or so called Republicans) don't wake up and stop whining about every thing under the sun, and find a good Presidential running candidate to run against Obama in 2012, and if Obama's plans work to get people back to work, and the economy turns around, then he most likely will be around for another 4 years regardless of how deep in debt this country is.

 Now I'll tell you why he should be re-elected. The opposition party (Republicans/conservatives) are in disarray. They have no clear leader. Even their vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin dropped out of politics by relinquishing her governorship last week. She stepped down because she couldn't take the heat. She felt that she couldn't do anything constructive as a lame duck governor. How many lame duck presidents quit? Every president becomes a lame duck President especially during his 7 and/or 8th years as president. But none of them resigned.  Palin's chances are very slim now to gain a Republican nomination for President. Will McCain run? I doubt it. Obama should be re-elected because there will be no Republican or opposition party that will be able to overturn his legislation that he creates by 2012. People hate him because they feel that he is destroying the country. Obama has his $700 trillion and the people who want some of it have to go by his rules. I'd say he is pretty much in control here.
So what does the opposition do.. They whine, and whine and whine. Talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Lavin have nothing good to say about President Obama. They honestly feel in their minds that he is destroying the country. Yet, they can do nothing to contribute to the betterment of the country. They cannot say anything constructive to help the country.  All they can do is stir up the people, and for what means. What will happen? Yes, people will get educated and will better understand both sides of the fence, but I honestly believe that shows like Rush and Mark create more terrany. All they know how to do, especially Mark Lavin is whine and whine. On the Obama website, I will give people from both sides of the fence a chance to state their beliefs, as long as they write grammatically correct and I deam them publishable. If you would like to get your comments on the website, leave a comment that can be left after any one of the articles. It can be published as an article.
Some people hate Obama because of what he stands for. Even his colleagues in the Democratic party would agree that he is the most 'Left', or the most liberal president of all time. They hate him for that.
Some people like Rush Limbaugh openly state that they want President Obama to 'fail'. Does he look like he is failing? Some people thought he would not be a strong President? Has any other President in recent times ever stuck their neck out as much as Obama, try to do so much at once and still get all of his major legislation passed? The answer is no. Even President Clinton tried to pass a health care reform bill in his term, but he was unsuccessful. President Obama is well on the road to have a health care reform bill passed in October.

Some people hate him for having a beer on the White House lawn. Camera crews were taking pictures and movies of the whole scene this past week.

Some people hate him for communicating with countries that prior presidents wouldn't dare do.

Some people hate him because he fired the top executive of GM. Some people believe he has over-stepped his power.

What the haters fail to realize here is that there are many more people that like him than hate him. Again, the opposition is outnumbered. I'm not saying that this will not change if things don't get better for everyone, but for these non-believers that think that President Obama is doing such a lousy job, then why don't you get someone to run against him. So instead of whining about what is happening, they should get a good opponent ready to opose Obama in 2012. Because if they are unsuccessful in getting a good candidate to run against Obama, I believe it will be the beginning of the end for the Republican party.


Fun and Technology August 3, 2009 at 1:37 AM  

Walau bukan President Negara aku, aku juga mendukung Obama, semoga Sukses Selalu.

Morika 金玲 August 3, 2009 at 5:19 PM  

hello james, if you could please go to my shoutbox, there are person who comment me, maybe he is the one who called him sel anonymus...on this blog

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