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'Cash for 'Clunkers' program - BEWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did you hear about the new program called 'Cash for Clunkers' program? When I ran across this disturbing video presented on a live Fox News program by an anchor named Kimbery Guilfoyle, I was put beside myself. How could such a system actually be put in place in this country.
Maybe now I have your attention. As you know, I'm a proponent of Barack Obama and most of his policies, but I have been known to sway a little, for example, I do not fully back the President's Health Care proposal, but I do believe that his intentions for the program are good. The basic outline for the reasons of the program are good, but just not enough detail on what the program will actually do has been made public yet, although you can go to a website and read about the Health Care proposal.
So what is so disturbing with the 'cash for clunkers' program. Even before watching this video, you must know that in order for you to cash in on the 'cash for clunkers' program, you must possess a vehicle that would qualify as a 'clunker'. A 'clunker' is basically a car that can not run. You can go to a government website and you will be told on how you can disable your vehicle to make it a clunker. If this is true, I definitely do not agree with this. Here you may have a partly running vehicle and instead of fixing it, you can find out how you can permanently disable your vehicle, so then it qualifies to be a 'clunker'. Wow....
Now that's just the beginning. On the YouTube video below, you will see a Fox News anchor explain which website you can go to apply for the Federal money set aside for 'clunker' cars. If you have such a vehicle, sign up on the website and you are ready to get your money..

N O T   S O   F A S T ! ! ! !  

When you log into the website, you will have to agree to a privacy and securities statement. That in itself is not so bad, but what you will see next is actually frighting. The website goes on to say that if you agree, your computer will now become property of the U.S. Government, and all files on your computer are also subject to be seen by domestic and foreign governments. What is that all about? I don't really know, but now just watch the video below and you will listen to the facts yourself. Please leave a comment after you watch the video below and let the readers of this blog know what you may think. Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP ON THAT WEBSITE!!!!!

ATTENTION.....ATTENTION.....ATTENTION....!!!!!!!!!!!  Please read the note carefully below.

Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle suggested people who visit the Cash for Clunkers Web site would give the government access to their home computer.    T H I S  S T A T E M E N T  IS

                                                      F  A  L  S  E      F  A  L  S  E

I must make mention here that the statements above and in the video directly mention that you can go to this website. After further investigation, this would be a website for small dealers, NOT for previous owners of clunker cars.  You can read another writeup at the following address: It will claim that the actual facts as they were presented in the video are not totally true. This updated information is found on the website.  As this may be the case, what dealership would be stupid enough to agree to such a statement to let the Federal government into their business computer to read it's files? Again, read the updated statement about the video in the URL immediately below.


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