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A love story that will never end

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being in love is a very wonderful feeling. It is especially wonderful when you had to mend your heart a few times in the past. Twice my heart was destroyed, but twice I managed to survive. Twice I came back with almost nothing to show for in my life. Financially destroyed, mentally challenged, heartbroken, and a sense of desperation filled my inner soul.
What was to happen next in my life was nothing short of a complete miracle. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology and the computer, I found a woman who now is truly the love of my life, who just happens to be the most caring, loving, thoughtful woman who is now my wife for life. Gigi and I have now been together as husband and wife for a few years now, but it seems like we are still on our honeymoon. Everyday we are together, I still possess that most wonderful feeling every moment I am with her throughout the day.
Lately we have been more apart than in the past. This is because my wife Gigi now has a full time job, that is almost more than full time. She works nearly 60+ hours each week, and is so energetic, with years of youthfulness still in front of her. I am 24 years her senior, but we both feel that our relationship turned out to be the match made in heaven.
Our feelings for each other as you may expect are very personal, but I can't help but mention how my heart just bursts with love for the most special woman in my life - my wife Gigi.

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A personal relationship between a man and a woman such as the one between my wife and I are the most special kind that two people can have. We live every day for each other. My life is not about me, but it is about us. The one lesson in life that I've learned after 2 failed marriages is to appreciate what God has given me and never to give up, because every day God is challenging us. I tell that to Gigi every time we face a challenge that is almost overwhelming. I have been given still another chance to be happy, and I must tell you that NOTHING can now happen in my life that can top this.


Tey August 4, 2009 at 10:35 AM  
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