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Sanctions soon against North Korea

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A draft resolution by the U.N. Security Council condemned North Korea's recent missile launch, and was stated "in the strongest terms" on Wednesday. The recent actions have been condemned in the resolution by the five permanent members of the council, namely China, France, Russia, Britain, and the United States, and also reached the agreement in consultation with Japan and South Korea. Besides the power of the United States that can be displayed here, the big key region player of the big five countries would be China. If China stopped all trade relations with North Korea, even for a short time, there would be grave humanitarian needs amongst the population of North Korea in short time.
Meanwhile, Japan and other countries already started banning food products to North Korea. North Korea understands what the world community is doing. But as reported in an earlier article on this blog, North Korea has just condemned two American journalists to 12 years of hard labor because they illegally crossed into North Korea. The reporters are saying that it was a mistake, but North Korea is taking the illegal crossing very seriously, and have imposed a punishment for such a grave crime in their country.
Does North Korea think that this action of condemning two journalists to prison by them would stop the United States from putting the country back on the terrorist list of countries? Personally, I do not think that they care, but it is my opinion that the next time they launch a missile, they would be put on the terrorist list. They were on the list during President Bush's term, and then Bush took them off of the list within the last year.
Seeing that the North Korean's are being so adamant regarding the missile launchings, the United States must have an alternative plan other than banning imports to North Korea and putting them on a terrorist list. The five permanent members of the council have agreed to also now monitor the water channels for North Korean traffic, and will send these boats to the nearest port to be checked out for any type of nuclear supply. No ships will be allowed to return to North Korea with nuclear supplies.
You are not hearing much from President Obama about North Korea, but my guess is that he is just not sitting down, hoping that North Korea would do the right thing. He most likely has already dispatched nuclear submarines and other ships to monitor the traffic in and out of North Korea. Spy satellites most likely have homed into North Korea to watch every move from the air. U.S. secret service along with other intelligence agencies from around the world are now tuning in to North Korea, and maybe eventually, they will understand the message that they cannot continue on the same path.
It is the opinion of this editor that the U.N. Security Council must come up with a solid offensive and defensive plan if North Korea continues to launch missiles. First, the United States should not think about attacking the country, but they should attack and destroy any missile that are launched from North Korea. Other actions may be an option, but the U.N. Security Council would have to take another vote and decide what the next step would be. The council to this point has openly 'condemned' their actions, but has not stated detailed retaliation for them. If North Korea shoots another missile, I believe that the U.N. Security Council will take a formal action against the North Korean's.
In regards to the 2 female American prisoners, I do not believe that the U.S. would not change the course of the American decision regarding the missiles. U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton also believes that the Korean prisoners would not change the course of American involvement concerning the missiles. North Korea will eventually have to pay the penalty for breaking international laws because of launching the nuclear missles. 


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