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Another situation about to form beside Bankruptcies - Storm Season, Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Monday, June 1, 2009

 Written by the Editor  'James'

Today marks the end of an empire, the collapse of GM. But other situations that may and will affect allot of people in such a short period of time are hurricanes and tornado's. Today marks the beginning of a weather situation that may become a disaster for many unfortunate people who live in bad weathers path. Unfortunately, most people are not ready to face another hurricane. They are not stocking food supplies and clothing that they may need. They do not have a plan of evacuation.  Worse yet, many of these people who survived the last hurricane 'IKE' are now complacent and believe that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. Even when they are told bad weather is approaching and are asked to leave their homes, they stay. For whatever reason, there are always people who stay. Some of them survive and some of them do not. If they survive, they become more complacent and will stay again the next time. They may be correct, and maybe not, but the people in Galveston Island has already been hit by a hurricane at least twice on record. Allot of the area still looks as if the storm passed through yesterday, but it's been almost a year now. People seem to forget, especially the ones that didn't get affected, the seriousness of being prepared for such a storm.
Living in Dallas Texas, you would think that I would feel safe, but on the other hand, I do not feel the comfort of safety here. Yes, I do not live in Galveston, or in Houston for that matter. Houston received the wrath of hurricane Ike last year, and the remnants of the storm just passed to the east of Dallas, and we most certainly felt high winds from the storm. I remember the time very vividly. I was worried about the electricity. If we would have lost power, appliances in the house would be off, and thinks like milk would turn sour, and frozen foods would melt, and some of them may spoil before we could cool them down again, not to mention the imminent flooding that would occur. Do you have flood insurance? That's just a thought.
No storms are making news right now, but the summer preview that Dallas Texas is experiencing would be considered above average in a few respects. This year, Dallas Texas has received ample rainfall, and at the same time, record hot temperatures are just a preview of whats to come. Usually record hot temperatures in Dallas, especially since it is a southern located city just northwest of Houston by a few hundred miles, can mean that more drastic weather will form in the area. Only time will tell if there will be more hurricanes developing in the gulf of Mexico that may head this way, but tornadoes are almost a certain entity this time of year. If they don't come from the south, they will most likely come from the west. These types of storms are almost more drastic than hurricanes, mainly because they get here before you know it, and there is little warning from the weather services, and spotting such a store must be relied on storm spotters and amateur radio operators that relay information to the TV stations and the National Weather Service.
When storms head for the area, it will be interesting to see how people react, and how the President of the United States responds. First of all, he is a little more handicapped here than President Bush was during his time as President in a weather disaster. Thanks to the TV industry going digital in a few weeks, those portable TV's that used to work will no longer work without a digital converter. All digital converters are not portable, so that means that unless you purchase a portable digital TV, you would not have the ability to follow a storm on TV if you lost power. If you cannot afford to buy one or even find one, your next best bet would be to find a good weather radio. 
Everybody is watching GM and Chrysler right now on what they are doing. People have absolutely NO control over what is happening there, although if not directly affected it is interesting to watch. But do not waste all of your time just watching the news, and definitely don't try to become part of it. Become alert as you should and mind the approaching weather.


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