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Osama vs. Obama - One Letter in a Name - The difference between a Terrorist and a Hero

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Written by the Editor... James

On Thursday, President Obama will address 1.5 billion Muslims from Cairo University. President Obama landed in Egypt today. He arrives as the hero of the free world. Many Muslims are extremely happy that Obama will be coming to visit and give the speech. All except one. Guess who?!?!?!?
Osama Bin Laden surfaced about the time that President Obama landed in Cairo. He is the number one most haunted terrorist living in his own world, hated by everyone except his followers, and they are diminishing. Osama says that the President is "antagonizing Muslims" and claims because of President Obama's policy with Pakistan, he has generated "new seeds of hatred and revenge against America." Of course he would say that. Is he ever going to say anything nice about ANY U.S. President? He claims that Obama is following Bush on his policy of antagonizing Muslims. So how do you think he knows that? He must not be watching any TV in the hole he lives in. He may be the only person on the face of this earth that compares Obama to Bush. Is he absolutely crazy? Bin Laden claims "He has followed the steps of his predecessor," speaking of Obama. He claims that Obama is also laying the foundation of long wars. Again, where has Osama been since the election? Maybe in his hole, hiding from everyone, without a TV or radio. Obama already knows that the Pakistan war will not end overnight. Again, does he think that the military offensive against Taliban and Al Qaeda militants in Pakistan is going to end soon?! Only in Bin Laden's dreams that it would.
Osama knows that, but he is not going to tell the world that his existence is threatened with Obama as President. He is not going to tell you that someday he believes he will be routed out of his hole and brought to justice. He already knows what will happen to him if caught. He is nothing but a smart-alic coward at that. You will never see Osama Bin Laden on any live TV news show. You will only see him on reruns and only on his infamous tapes.
Maybe Bin Laden is jealous that he cannot be there to meet the American President. After all, the rest of the Muslim world will be meeting Obama, but not Osama. Most of the terrorists responsible for 9/11 lived in and around Egypt, and President Obama is extending his hand to a country that contains his own roots.
This is definitely bad news for Osama Bin Laden, and he now must realize that President Obama is not just going to go away.
If he thinks that President Obama plans to run, then he must be the dumbest person under the face of the earth.


Irfan Melodic June 3, 2009 at 9:55 PM  

Then, now I'm asking you, what's the definition of "terrorist"?

Don't you think that sending millions of soldier to Iraq/Afghanistan is not a "terror"? Don't you realize that most of the victims are the commoners?

What do you think about Obama's plan to ressurect the Guantanamo bay deteinees? In fact, several weeks after chairing the presidency, Obama promised to stop Guantanamo bay. And now he track it back. When he issued this policy, John McCain of Republican was very very happy because finally, Obama follows Bush's administration.

What do you think about Obama's plan to withdraw American soldiers from Iraq, before finally send them to Afghanistan?

Why Obama/America is calling for halt of Iran nuclear project, which is actualyl intended to build an Electricity Generator, not a military aim. Have you forgot that America is the only country in the world that had ever used nuclear bomb? Have you forgot Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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