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The fate of the 'Obama in the White House' Blog..

Friday, June 26, 2009

(Strictly the Opinion of the Editor James)

Over the last few years, with the issues surrounding George Bush as President and his ability to act as our Commander and Chief,I needed a way to express my opinions regarding him. I would focus more and more on the news. Meanwhile, my wife Gigi was heavily involved with her blogs. Back then just 2 years ago, I didn't know what a blog was. 4 years ago, when Bush won his second term in office, I was very discouraged. I actually voted for him in the first election, but I definitely did not vote for him in the second. I knew that he won that 2nd election fair and square, unlike the original election against the Vice President of the United States Al Gore. By all counts, except in the State of Florida, the 1st election seemed fair, and it so happened that President Bush's brother Jeb Bush helped him win the Florida electoral votes. Now tell me, what brother, especially in politics would not help his brother become the President of the United States? I am in total disagreement of the electoral system, and believe that the election should only go by popular vote. Our voting system is in desperate need of being revamped, but still such things such as punch cards and antiquated voting machines are still being used. There is no established uniform voting method across the country.
Getting back to George Bush, I can't help the fact that if George Bush would have never been elected, there would have been no war. There might have been no 9/11. I believe that the country had become too laxxed. If you look back at the reports and the times just prior to 9/11, the President was actually warned that something was about to happen, information gained through his secret intelligence and FBI. The information was flawed, especially when it was discovered that Iraq had nuclear weapons. President Bush took the advice of his cabinet and the secret service and took the offensive to defeat Iraq. But as the world continued to see through the little hole that President Bush was guiding his first term as president, the people of the United States rallied behind him and most agreed that the war in Iraq was the way to go. Few people like Barack Obama, disagreed with the idea that the United States needed to attack Iraq.

Six months before the 2008 election, I started this blog with the help and experience that I gained from my wife, and a another blog that I put together I felt the time was now. I hunted around for a URL to use, and then founded this blog. There would be no articles in it for money. At that time, still 6 months to go into the election, the fight between Barack Obama and John McCain was going full steam. I vowed to keep writing in the blog until the election. If John McCain would win, then I would write my last article here in tribute to Barack Obama, and that would in a sense be the end of the OBAMA IN THE WHITE HOUSE BLOG. I also vowed at the time that if he won, I would continue this blog as sort of a daily diary of our new President.

I thought that I could learn how to forget all of the disturbing issues that surrounded our past President, George Bush. But with his election, Barack Obama had more than a full plate of work every day, and not just because of the failing economy and the issues of the world, but because our past president acted as commander and chief and viewed the world through a keyhole. President Bush knew where he wanted to go with Iraq and I thought he knew what his objective was in Afghanistan. George Bush never in his wildest of imaginations could ever believe that the problems would continue to escalate after he took over Baghdad. As the Adolf Hiter of the modern times, Bush invaded a country and totally destroyed its infrastructure.Anyone in Iraq who had any kind of wealth there, became just ordinary citizen with nothing to show for except for the roof over their heads, if it still wasn't bombed out by U.S. rockets.
Now the U.S. is committed to finish what is started in Iraq. President Obama will continue to tackle all issues as he has been for the last 157 days now. I want to continue to write stories each and every day, but I'm having reservations concerning my motives now. I never would have thought how difficult it would be to follow such an active president, but I feel that I have an obligation to my readers that I should continue writing this blog now. But I am bothered by some of the comments of people showing contempt for the blog.

I find it fascinating what has gone on during the first 157 days of our new President. I think finally his honeymoon as the new president is over and as expected, his approval rating is dropping. Why, because he is doing the right thing, and warned the country how difficult a road he was taking, and he is implementing policies that he told everyone he was going to do before he was elected. President Obama believes deeply in his policies, and believes that the world will be a better place because of them someday. Unfortunately, the U.S. people must bear the brunt of the difficulties that this country is facing today, like a loss of their jobs, and a loss of their savings and retirement. People are upset, and they need to put the blame on someone. As Barack Obama stated many times, "The buck stops here", meaning he now takes full responsibility for his actions as president.

The equity in their homes are now gone, their savings accounts and retirement savings plans are diminishing, the cost of gasoline is through the roof, their health plans continue to rise in cost.

These are just some of the reasons why I continue to write here. Along with hearing all of the fallacies of his opposition, people like Rush Limbaugh who constantly talk negative against our government and elected President, and several talk show hosts in cahoots with him across the country, like Mike Lavin. I feel that because of them, the Liberal voices, opinions and views of 'the left' need to be heard.

But lately, as viewed through the last few articles including this very one, I have been presenting articles that may be unfitting by an editor with such strong views, as I have become very biased regarding my opinions regarding the different political parties and the people who have lead them. I do not know if I can still write articles about politics without showing that bias. I am definitely not a person like Rush Limbaugh with very biased negative views, except when I may be writing about George Bush. I would never say I wanted someone to fail, like Rush Limbaugh stated when he was asked a question about Barack Obama. 

But nevertheless, I have become very biased in my thinking and seem to want to write about that thinking. It is for this reason that I am considering shutting down this blog. For the next 7 days, I will not write another article here, but will open a survey to the readers of this blog that may determine the outcome of this blog. I will ask your opinion of this blog, and I would invite all comments of this blog to go to the email address set up for this blog.. Please be as critical as you like of this blog, and if you would like to see it continue, what kind of reporting would you like to see contained in it. Let me know things like whether you would like to see continued articles about the Bush's, about the war, about the economy. What do you really want to read about in the Obama blog? 
I want to thank each and every one of the readers of this blog who have supported me. Please come back often and see how the poll is progressing. The future of this blog is unknown at this time, but I would hope that you would help me with a decision on it by commenting about it, and taking part in the poll. The poll will be published at 5:00PM on Friday 6/29, and go for 1 week. It will end on Independence Day at midnight, July 4th, 2009.

Good written emails sent to that show strong opinions one way or another about a topic will be republished on this blog.


Barack Obama Online June 26, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

great site

Gorgeous MUM June 27, 2009 at 4:37 AM  

A weekend visit!

Blackberry June 30, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

Hi James. I understand your dilemma. but I also believe that there's another solution to that instead of shutting this blog down.
Me personally have no objection of you being biased when it comes to Bush or anyone in GOP. Especially, when there are still other bloggers who proudly flashing a picture of him with words like "Thank You Pres. Bush" or some sort, around in their blogs (you should googling it sometimes, they're worth knowing).
No, I don't mind at all. It would be very nice to see Bush getting bashed again and again.
No one plays by the rules now, buddy. Objective, unbiased journalism has died a long time ago. This is a blog anyway, you write what you want to write, it's supposed to be fun. In the end, You can always pass it down to me instead of closing it down, hahah. Cheers, buddy!

Unexplained Cases June 30, 2009 at 9:08 PM  

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