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Are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and George W Bush elections similar?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

In a country that is a "free to" do what you will as long as it is within the law, you can't help but feel sorry for the people in depressed countries such as Iran. The election process, apparently flawed, along with a dictator government, suppresses the people in any way that they desire. Innocent people, mainly targeted woman, have been killed publicly on the city streets, by government militia who take their law into their own hands. For so very long now, the United States would boast to be the leader of the "free world." People from around the globe wish to live here. Illegal aliens, such as the people who storm across the Mexican border from Mexico and into Texas, come here for a better life. People tend to forget that America has had its time in history with problems, and the 'Martin Luther King' saga is proof of that. But this country woke up after several decades and now has elected a black man President of the United States.
The Declaration of Independence, signed on July 4th, 1776, was only the beginning of Americas quest for freedom of the people. The main focus was for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness which the bill in 1776 portrayed.
In this country, we do have some great principles, such as the freedom of religion, and speech, but just like in many societies throughout the world, the United states is 'not free from' violence, depression, and even unjust elections.
The election of the 43rd president of the United States is proof that American principles are not perfect either. The archaic principals of the electoral voting system is proof that America still must struggle with the need for change. Sworn into office on January 20th 2001, George Bush actually lost the election by popular vote, but won anyway because of the electoral vote process. He won by one of the slimmest margins in history, by only 5 electoral votes. More people voted against him, but he became the President anyway. The election was contested by Bush's opponent, Vice President Al Gore, and a recount in a few counties in the state of Florida, gave Bush the states 25 electoral votes, and he won the presidency. There was public outcry that the election was rigged, but not any one person was successful in challenging the elections, not unlike the affair in Iran. Even though it was a fact, that more people in the United States voted for Vice President Al Gore instead of George W Bush, Bush became President, and there wasn't a thing the people could do about it. In 2005, Bush was sworn in for a second term as the 43rd President of the United States but this time, did so handily. Why do you think George W.Bush won a second term? Was it for what he actually was doing for the American people or for other reasons? You may already know if you read the article above.


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